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Kuji was the most junior member of the Triad of the Golden Wing.


In 295 BG, Mok, the leader of the Triad of the Golden Wing, was informed that there will be a raid on the Loongkau City Block, the daofei group's stronghold. He ordered all the outlaws to take up positions throughout the building and Kuji awaited in a room belowground with Po, one of the seasoned members of the triad.

As he was the newest member of the group, Kuji had been given a rusted, chipped dao sword. He held the blade nervously as he stood in the room, assuring himself that the underground complex below the building would protect them as it was filled with numerous traps like hidden apartments with criminals inside.

He was unsure as to why his elders were so distressed by the opponent they where about to face since he considered that the Lower Ring did not have enough lawmen to successfully apprehend them. Kuji also thought that it was unlikely for Pao and him to fight anyone as the level above them was guarded by "Throatcutter" Gong, Mok's best assassin. To his surprise, however, he heard a crash from that direction as he started to feel the room was a cage confining them. Pao told him to get ready and Kuji tried to hear better what was happening, but stumbled.

Immediately after that, someone flew through the doorway and collided with him. Kuji tried to counter the blow, but only managed to hit the person in the head with the pommel of his sword. Pao realized that that was Gong, unconscious and bleeding, as a pair of arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him out of the room and leaving Kuji the last one standing there. He trembled with fear as he saw Avatar Kyoshi walk inside and slowly swung his dao toward her. Upon hitting her chainmail armor, the blade snapped in two, the top half bouncing back in Kuji's face.

In the subsequent moment of terror, he recalled that, as a child, his mother told him that invoking the Avatar would protect him. Kuji considered that she had made up stories, but that this was the only thing he could do now. He sobbed, asking Yangchen to help him, as Kyoshi grabbed him by the chin, inquiring to the location of his leaders as she let him go.[1]


Kuji was a young man who tried to look tough, wishing to please his sworn elder brothers. He was reckless and, to some extent, brave, as he joined a criminal group in Ba Sing Se. However, he would become very nervous in the face of battle and, when he was sure Kyoshi would kill him, he cried and cowered, doing whatever he thought would help him stay alive.[1]



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