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This article is about the girl met by Team Avatar. For Avatar Kyoshi's daughter, see Kyoshi.

Koko was an eight-year-old girl from Kyoshi Island.


When Aang came to the island, Koko and some of the other girls in the village quickly developed a crush on him. She became the ringleader of the group of girls who followed Aang around during his visit; they cheered for him under his window, ran after him, and watched in awe as he did push-ups. Koko was the first one to pose with Aang for a painting but was soon joined by the other girls who wanted to be included in the portrait, much to the annoyance of the artist.

Koko and her friends accompanied Aang when he wanted to impress them by riding the unagi. However, they grew tired of waiting and left before the sea creature made its appearance.

When Zuko attacked Kyoshi Island in search of the Avatar, Katara led Koko and one of her friends inside a house to safety.[3]

Some time later, when Katara and Sokka revisited the island in search of clues that might exonerate Aang, Koko was, like the other residents of Kyoshi Island, thoroughly disappointed and even angry upon learning that Aang was unable to accompany the Water Tribe duo on their visit.[1]


Young but self-assured and confident, Koko was very demanding of Aang's attention. She did not like to wait and was not afraid of making that clear; for example, when Aang was talking to Katara before taking the girls for a ride on Appa, Koko grew impatient and angrily inquired as to why Aang was taking so long to get back to her and the group of girls. She enjoyed her prominence among Aang's fan club and was even so bold as to call him "Aangy".


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)

Book Two: Earth (土)


  • The clothing of Koko and her friends was similar to Water Tribe clothing.
  • She was named after Avatar Kyoshi's daughter, Koko.[4]


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