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The koalaotter[1] is a furry, aquatic mammal native to the arctic waters surrounding the North Pole.[2]


This creature has rounded, furry ears, a black nose, and small, black eyes. It also has four legs and a wide flat tail. The koalaotter's back and head are light gray, while its underbelly is a creamy white.


The koalaotter enjoys backstroking through the icy waters of the Northern Water Tribe and the surrounding area of the North Pole.


The face of the koalaotter strongly resembles that of the koala, a marsupial native to Australia. The rest of the koalaotter's body closely resembles a sea otter, though the principal connection to the sea otter seems to be the creature's preference for the backstroke and its playful demeanor.


  • Bolin used "koalaotter" as a pet name for Eska during their relationship.[3]


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