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This article is about the pickpockets from Republic City. For the Face Stealer spirit, see Koh.

Ko, Tal, and Pin are a trio of pickpocket siblings who frequent Republic City's Harmony Park district. While dressed up in an enormous coat, they rotate taking on the persona of Old Dampa, a notorious local figure who is the subject of various urban legends.[1]


The three siblings met up with Old Dampa, who was something of a permanent staple to the area surrounding Harmony Tower. When she retired to a suburb, they inherited her persona, and viewed it as the best grift of their life. Dampa's enormous coat, her long, bright-green scarf and a hood pulled over her hair meant that they could all hide their faces. The siblings rotated who played Dampa, so that the other two could work the crowds nearby, pickpocketing easy marks and listening in on conversations of the wealthy powerful, so that they could accrue secrets to sell later.

"Dampa" remained a noteworthy figure in the area, even though there was interest in ousting the unhoused from Harmony Park. While some of the new or visiting figures to the district held disdain for the siblings' persona, anyone who frequented the district or knew the ways of the area often threw one of the disguised siblings some yuan or bought one of them dinner from the street-food carts around Harmony Tower. There were many rumors about what would happen to people if they didn't do this, and there were stories that claimed that Dampa was a witch, or even an energybender.[1]


Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game[]


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