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Kiyi was the daughter of Ursa and Noren, and younger half-sister of Fire Lord Zuko and Princess Azula.

Born following Ursa's exile from the Fire Nation Capital, she initially grew up in Hira'a, ignorant of her royal family connections. When her mother was found by Zuko, however, Kiyi readily accepted him as her older brother. She subsequently played a major part during the Kemurikage crisis, as she was kidnapped along with other children by conspirators, but freed the other hostages by using her latent firebending abilities. As a recognized member of the Fire Nation Royal Family, Kiyi eventually became the aunt of Fire Lord Izumi and great-aunt of General Iroh.

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Who are Kiyi's parents and siblings in the Avatar series? toggle section
Kiyi is the daughter of Ursa and Noren and the younger half-sister of Zuko and Azula.
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What is the relationship between Kiyi and Zuko? toggle section
Kiyi and Zuko share a sibling relationship, with Kiyi being Zuko's half-sister. Even before Zuko was aware of their familial connection, he showed a brotherly affection towards Kiyi, especially when their other sister, Azula, threatened Kiyi's doll. Kiyi also reciprocates this affection, having grown fond of Zuko and even asking him to visit again before he left for Forgetful Valley.
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How did Kiyi react when she discovered her royal family connections? toggle section
Kiyi, the half-sister of Zuko and Azula, reacted with a mix of emotions when she discovered her royal family connections. She quickly and easily accepted that Zuko was her older brother. However, she struggled with her mother's changed appearance and demeanor. Despite these challenges, Kiyi was regarded as a full-fledged member of the Fire Nation Royal Family as a young adult. She was cheerful, confident, and had a deep faith in those she trusted, which helped her navigate these revelations.
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Where did Kiyi grow up before she knew about her royal lineage? toggle section
Before she knew about her royal lineage, Kiyi grew up in Hira'a. It was only after her mother was found by Zuko that she learned about her connections to the Fire Nation Royal Family.
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What is Kiyi's personality like? toggle section
Kiyi is known for her cheerful and confident personality. She's not afraid to stand up to stronger opponents and has a deep faith in those she trusts. Even as a child, she was able to keep a level head in stressful situations.
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Early life[]

After Ursa was exiled from the Fire Nation Capital, in exchange for Fire Lord Ozai sparing the life of their son Zuko, she returned to her home village of Hira'a. There she met her childhood sweetheart Ikem, who now went by the identity of Noren. After Ursa's initial departure to marry Ozai, Ikem was heartbroken and asked the Mother of Faces - a spirit who dwelt in the Forgetful Valley - to give him a new face so he could begin life over again. As a way for Ursa to resettle and leave her previous life behind, she asked the Mother of Faces to give her a new identity as well. She became Noriko, and Kiyi was born a few years before the end of the Hundred Year War.[4]

In 101 AG, Noriko sewed a doll for Kiyi's birthday. Kiyi proceeded to name it after herself and carried it everywhere she went.[3]

Meeting Team Avatar[]

Kiyi shows her doll to Zuko

Kiyi showcased her doll to Zuko.

When Noren invited Team Avatar into his family's home in 102 AG, Kiyi decided to talk to Zuko and Azula, who were, unbeknownst to either of them, actually her half-siblings. She asked them if they wanted to see her doll, a suggestion which was met by Azula's refusal while Zuko happily accepted. Kiyi told him that the toy was also named Kiyi as she thought it was "such a good name". When Zuko commented on the doll's haircut, Kiyi told him that she had tried to make the doll prettier, but accidentally cut too much of its hair off. Zuko responded that Azula used to do things like that to her own dolls as a little girl, prompting Azula to clarify that she cut off their heads rather than their hair. After she was asked whether she wanted to see a demonstration, Kiyi refused and went behind Zuko in fear while hugging her doll tightly to herself. Shortly thereafter, Kiyi explained to her father that she was trying to be hospitable to their guests after he entered with Sokka. When Team Avatar left her family's home, Kiyi ran up to Zuko and begged him to come back sometime again.[5]

Kiyi met Zuko again when he returned some time after, giving him a hug and insisting he have dinner with her and her family. After Zuko claimed her mother to be his own mother, Ursa, Kiyi grew confused and hugged her, though she was passed to her father when they heard sounds coming from the roof. Before she could make sense of the situation, Azula barged into the family's home, causing Kiyi to scream for her mother. She was subsequently taken to safety by her father and Sokka as the princess fought with Zuko. Later, Kiyi and her father sat at a campfire, preparing a meal while her mother, who had regained her old face and memories, began talking about her past with Zuko.[4] Afterward, Kiyi was informed that Zuko was her older brother, something she accepted quickly and easily. In contrast, she struggled with her mother's changed appearance and demeanor,[1] and stopped carrying her doll around, let alone touch it.[3]

Traveling to the Fire Nation Capital[]

Kiyi wriggles out of Ursa's arms

Kiyi demanded for Ursa to let her go, unable to recognize her mother's new face.

Weeks later, Kiyi boarded the ship that would take her, her family, Zuko, and Team Avatar to the Fire Nation Capital for the first time since Ursa's exile.[6] During the journey, Aang entertained her by taking her riding on the back of a flying dolphin fish until Ursa saw them and panicked, calling them back. As Aang immediately brought her back on board, she was pulled into a tight hug by her mother, who stated that she could not lose her. However, not recognizing Ursa as her mother due to the restoration of her original face, Kiyi screamed to be released. She ran to hug her father's leg and urged him to accompany her downstairs, which prompted Noren to pick her up and take her below deck.

After having been made aware of a possible security threat, Zuko diverted course and arranged for his cruiser to rendezvous with a submarine, much to Kiyi's surprise. She met Iroh and Suki shortly thereafter, remarking to her half-brother that the Kyoshi Warrior was pretty. As she prepared to cross the plank to the submarine, Zuko suggested for her to accompany her mother as she might be scared. After initially refusing his request, Kiyi relented and agreed to take her mother's hand as a favor to him.

Zuko's family is safe

Confident that her brother Zuko would protect them, Kiyi put on a brave face in the middle of the New Ozai Society ambush.

Kiyi and her family were transferred to a carriage after reaching the mainland and set course to the capital through a hidden route, where the caravan was ambushed by the New Ozai Society. Though Ursa urged Kiyi to remain brave, Kiyi insisted that she was not scared and recoiled from her mother's touch, complaining that her hands were too cold. After a brief altercation, Ukano and his organization were able to subdue Zuko and the Kyoshi Warriors, and prepared to burn the carriage in which Kiyi and her family were taking refuge. The fight resumed after Kei Lo freed Zuko and reinforcements arrived via hot air balloon, exciting Kiyi despite all the danger. At one point, a rebel threw a spear into the carriage, barely missing the family. Kiyi was shielded by her parents, and when Zuko burst in to look if everyone was okay, she put on a brave face despite feeling afraid.

After the attackers were subdued, Kiyi and her family finally arrived at the Fire Nation Royal Palace, where she eagerly dragged her father along to explore the palace, despite Noren's concern that she should rest after an exciting afternoon. Kiyi brushed him off, saying that "Zuzu" would keep them safe, which surprised both Zuko and Ursa.[1] She quickly grew comfortable at the palace, often exploring it on her own. Once, she watched Zuko training firebending forms in the courtyard, and memorized them as she believed that they made him "so brave".[3]


A month later, while being walked to her bed with her parents, Kiyi saw Constable Sung escorting Ukano out of the palace and asked her father what was going on. Her mother assured her that it was nothing, but Kiyi yelled at her that she was "asking Daddy, not [her]!" and told her to let go as her hands were freezing. Ursa stayed back as Noren took Kiyi to her bedroom.

While Kiyi was asleep, Ursa rushed into her bedroom after inadvertently hearing from Suki and Ty Lee that more dark spirits had been spotted and. After seeing Kiyi still in bed, Ursa calmed down and hugged her, glad that she was safe.

Aang fights the impostor

Kiyi was kidnapped by the Kemurikage impersonators.

Later on, Kiyi woke up due to her sleeping mother holding her too tight with "her cold, cold hands". To avoid waking up her parents, Kiyi whispered for Zuko when she heard him passing by in the hall, who carried her to the other room on his shoulders. On the way there, she asked him what he did that day and was informed that he had been dealing with a problem, though it was nothing for her to worry about as he would take care of it. After placing her in bed, Kiyi told "Zuzu" that she knew he would before falling asleep. While she was asleep, however, the Kemurikage impersonators came into her room and used sedatives on her to kidnap her.[7]

While her brother and his friends attempted in vain to get her back, two of the Kemurikage impersonators got away with her and kidnapped another child before taking them both to the room with the other kidnapped children. As they got there, Kiyi woke up due to the sedatives wearing off early and began screaming at the Kemurikage impersonator holding her to let her go. Before the Kemurikage impersonators both left, she told them she felt sorry for them as her brother would find them and "beat them to a pulp". One of the Kemurikage impersonators moved to strike her in retaliation but was stopped from doing so by their leader, Kiyi's half-sister Azula.

Kiyi melts the door

Imitating her older brother Zuko, Kiyi managed to firebend for the first time, melting the steel door of their cell.

When the children later heard a suspicious noise coming from behind a closed door, Kiyi told them all to be quiet, as she was trying to concentrate. Envisioning the firebending move she had seen Zuko perform previously, she tried to mirror the action, believing that it would help her in becoming braver like him. Soon after, as the children heard sobbing from behind the door, Kiyi successfully tapped into her firebending abilities. Telling the others to move out of the way as she had "figured something out", she melted a hole in the closed door, which Ukano subsequently doused with a bucket of water. While Ukano later escorted all the children out of their prison and the other children cheered for her, Kiyi rejected the marriage proposal of an amazed Guri. Before they could escape completely, however, their progress was thwarted by two of Azula's henchwomen, though Aang, Mai, and Kei Lo appeared and helped them out. Kiyi joyfully reunited with Zuko, and later that night, when she was asleep in the same bed as her father, she expressed her happiness over Ursa's return, accepting her mother's new face.[3]

Later life[]

Kiyi as young adult

Kiyi as a young adult.

As a young adult, Kiyi was regarded as a full-fledged member of the Fire Nation Royal Family, and as such listed in a family tree which Iroh included in a book for Zuko.[8]


Kiyi is cheerful and confident.[3][5] As child, she loved to play and spend time with her family. She also has a feisty streak to her, showing no qualms in telling off stronger opponents, as well as a brave composure and deep faith in those she trusts.[3] This was evidenced when she showed little fear during a lethal battle, having complete trust in Zuko's ability to save them all.[1] Even as a child, she was able to keep a level head in a stressful situation.[3]


Despite lacking any formal training, Kiyi has demonstrated the potential to become a powerful firebender. By imitating the motions of techniques she had seen Zuko perform, she was able to unlock her latent firebending abilities and maintain flames long and strong enough to melt a hole through a metal door.[3]


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  • Although it is not fully explained, Kiyi appears to have a very strong physical constitution; when kidnapped and sedated by the false Kemurikage, the sedatives wore off noticeably quicker than any of the other victims, and Azula commented that it was the girl's blood which helped her.[3]
  • As a child, she was very fond of her doll, whom she also named Kiyi.[5]


Graphic novels[]


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