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This is the article about the political position. For the character that held the position during the original series, see Bumi. For other similar uses, see Omashu (disambiguation).
Bumi on his throne

Bumi was the King of Omashu as of 100 AG.

The King of Omashu is the ruler of the city of Omashu. The king exercises absolute control over the affairs of his city and is not influenced by the actions of the earth monarch, though he is allowed utilization of the monarch's troops.[1] The only known King of Omashu is Bumi.


Bumi held this position through late 99 AG, until the monarchy was temporarily replaced with a Fire Nation governorship following the city's capture.[2] Bumi single-handedly ended the Fire Nation's control over the city during the Day of Black Sun and reinstated his position as king.[3]

Position and powers

The King of Omashu has full control over his city, with no apparent influence from higher-ups. The king is in control of the city's legal code and, as such, decides the punishment for criminals.[1] The king also has control over the city's military, determining the ultimate course of action for his armed forces.[2]


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