Spirit Emblem
"Poor human."
— One of the kind spirits sympathizing with Wan.[1]

These kind spirits were two childlike spirits who inhabited the Spirit Wilds and frequented its oasis. They were among the first spirits to befriend Wan after he had been banished from his lion turtle city.[1]


The two kind spirits were entering the spirit oasis, when Wan was caught sneaking in by the aye-aye spirit. After he explained his banishment from the fire lion turtle city, the two spirits expressed pity for him and suggested he search for another lion turtle city. They wished him luck as he left to find another human civilization.

Wan living with the spirits

The kind spirits were delighted to learn that Wan had decided he had had enough of humanity, deciding to live among the spirits and learn their ways.

After Wan was rescued from the hunters, one of the spirits offered him a piece of fruit and asked Wan if he would continue his search for other lion turtle cities. The two kind spirits were excited to learn that Wan had become tired of the human ways and had decided to live with them instead.

They witnessed Wan mastering firebending over the course of his stay, applauding him as he performed the Dancing Dragon. After Wan easily warded off a group of hunters trying to enter the oasis, the two gathered around him with several other spirits to congratulate him on his victory.

The two were present at Wan's departure from the spirit oasis. As the firebender left to find other lion turtle cities, one of the spirits claimed that Wan would be missed.[1]


The Legend of Korra

Book Two: Spirits (神靈)


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