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Kiku Hughes is a cartoonist and illustrator who worked as the writer, artist, and letterer for "Origami", featured in Team Avatar Tales. She is also the writer of the short comic "Clearing the Air".[1]

Avatar works[]

Comic writer[]

Comic artist[]


Selected other credits[]

  • Displacement (2020)

Biographical information[]

Hughes is a comics artist and writer based in the Seattle area. She is mixed race and is of Japanese heritage.[2] Her work has been featured in Team Avatar Tales, Short Box #6, the Alloy, Elements and Beyond Anthologies, and others. Her debut graphic novel, "Displacement", was published on August 4, 2020. It tells the story of a young yonsei girl being pulled back in time to experience the Japanese American incarceration camps alongside her grandmother.

She states that she wants to tell stories that uplift and empower, that let underrepresented people feel seen. She is interested in soft sci-fi, LGBT characters and relationships, found family narratives, and anti-capitalist agendas.[3]


  • Chio was named after Kiku Hughes's great-grandmother Chiyo. Her name was adjusted to remain culturally ambiguous in order to fit into the Avatar universe.[4]