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Kiaanii is a waterbender from Republic City and the daughter of Wakkanai, a business magnate who held the rights to the city's water treatment facilities.[1]


Kiaanii's mother, Wakkanai, is an inventor and businesswoman from the Southern Water Tribe. When Wakkanai discovered a new method for desalinating the water around Republic City, Varrick helped her negotiate a deal with the city so that Wakkanai could take on the management of the plants in exchange for generational rights. Kiaanii was therefore her mother's heiress, and would inherit everything that she owned after she died, instead of having the rights revert to the city.[1]

Kiaanii was aware of the threat that San Ho was posing to her mother and her business, but was unsure whom she could trust.[2] She was present at the dedication of the "Water Women of Republic City" exhibit at the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center, which prominently honored her mother.[3]


Like her mother, Kiaanii is spirited and energetic, and is guided by the principle of justice. She has a keener sense for business than Wakkanai does.[2]


Kiaanii is a skilled waterbender. Her signature move is using creeping ice to slip over her environment with ease.[2]



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