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Khandro was an Air Monk and one of the most popular philosophers of the era of Roku.[1]


Khandro lived in an era when the Air Nomads had largely moved past their isolationist tradition, and had greatly involved themselves in worldly affairs in order to provide peaceful aid to the other nations. He argued that the growing relationship between the Air Nomads and the nobility and wealthy of the world had impeded the spiritual growth of people across all nations. He thus became the leader of the Guiding Wind, a renegade order of Air Nomads that sought to destabilize the relationship between the Air Nomads and the elites of the other nations.[1] To Khandro, disrupting regimes would bring balance back to the four nations as he saw it.[2]

Khandro received a marriage proposal from Princess Zeisan of the Fire Nation, who truly intended to give up her wealth and titles and embrace a life of austerity. Both knew that the marriage would only be political, with Zeisan having dynasty-toppling ambitions, and Khandro believing that the marriage would help him destabilize the nobility structures in the Fire Nation and reorient its cultures and norms to achieve balance.[1][2] Though neither bore love for one another,[3] Khandro had an abiding respect for Zeisan and what she was willing to do to unravel the corruption in her country. Against the advice of his most loyal acolytes, he planned to marry the princess, even if it risked incurring the wrath of Fire Lord Sozin.[1]

When Zeisan's intentions of renouncing her wealth and titles inspired elites of the Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, and Water Tribes to do the same, Khandro gladly accepted them, as they were the ultimate fist to the ideal of nobility, with these youths giving up their wealth and power for enlightenment, whereas the nobles supporting the Fire & Air Center of Learning did not. He continued to recruit members of the Air Nomad temples to his cause, looking for those feeling that the Air Nomads had spread too thin or were worried about the influence of the nobility of other nations.[1]

Eventually, the Fire Nation Capital began to plan for Zeisan and Khandro's royal wedding, with feasts and festivities being held in the city.[4] Zeisan scheduled a pre-wedding symposium in Hari Bulkan Square where she could address prominent nobles, military officers, and the royal court with the Guiding Wind's teachings and deliver a refutation of Sozin's xenophobic propaganda campaigns.[5] Aware of his sister's plans, Sozin tasked Minister Zianda with a plot to disrupt the event, and the minister worked with Mio to have Fire Nation soldiers pose as radical Air Nomads using devices that could create false airbending. They planned to attack nobles at the event, while espousing their own xenophobic anti-Fire Nation propaganda.[5][6] Zeisan and Khandro were unaware of the plot, though Zeisan's romantic interest, Sister Rioshon, was able to uncover it, tasking Nyanchi, Ezra, Boin, and Zeebee with warning the princess.[7] Khandro was at the symposium area before the event began, and acted as an intermediary between the princess and her allies.[2]


Khandro was a charismatic man, able to convince many Air Nomads to join his cause. He was exceedingly ambitious in his desire to break the Air Nomads from the elites of the other nations in order to seek true enlightenment.[1] He was also driven to help Zeisan disrupt her family's dark ambitions.[2]


Khandro was a skilled airbender. His most prominent abilities included rushing forth with the might of the wind behind him to crash into foes and disorient them, and racing at high speeds to dodge attacks and seek escape.[2]


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