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The term "Ketu Harbor captain" has not been confirmed by official sources.

By late 99 AG, this captain served as the commander of Ketu Harbor, a Fire Nation military base in the southwestern Earth Kingdom. Under his tenure, the base's personnel fought a force of South Sea pirates.


The captain became the head of Ketu Harbor as the successor to Zhao.[1] When the latter left the base to take a new position as the commander of the Fire Navy blockade in the Mo Ce Sea,[2] he took most of Ketu Harbor's garrison with him. Much to the captain's chagrin, this left the base nearly defenseless. Pirates based in the South Sea used this to their advantage, raiding with impunity and even attacking the remaining Fire Nation forces in the area to rob them of supplies.

After suffering several pirate attacks, the captain had enough and ordered the scout to organize a reconnaissance mission to search the nearby islands for corsairs. Even though the mission faced significant resistance by the corsairs, the scout's party successfully located a pirate fortress and reported their findings to the captain. Though angered that the criminals had actually built their own base basically "right under our noses", the officer thanked the scout and his troops for their efforts. He then asked them to keep a watch on the pirate activity and raid the criminals whenever possible to recover the lost supplies. He also requested his soldiers to invest their time and resources in rebuilding Ketu Harbor which had suffered quite a bit due to the corsair raids.

The scout and his team subsequently raided the pirates, transporting resources back to Ketu Harbor. The captain was thankful for their efforts, and ordered the scout to distribute the new supplies to improve the base's strength. He consequently became angry and frustrated upon learning that the scout had used the resources to establish a spa (dubbed the "Military Lodge") in the base instead of doing anything directly related to military strength. When the scout tried to convince the captain about the spa's worth for the soldiers, the superior officer hesitantly agreed to visit the locality. Later, the scout's team returned from more raids against the pirates, whereupon the captain again ordered the scout to invest the supplies. The latter used the opportunity to point out that the captain's visit to the spa had evidently changed his mind about its usefullness; the captain did not disagree, though he asked the scout to not call the establishment a "spa".

The scout returned soon after, revealing that he had invested the resources in improve the Harbor Arena. At first, the captain assumed this effort to be sensible as it would allow for better drills. However, the scout revealed that his efforts had actually been intended to organize a tournament at the arena. The captain calmly responded with "eh, close enough", and argued that the scout's party should join the tournament.

Sometime after the tournament's conclusion, the captain once again held a meeting with several soldiers at his tent. On the occasion, the scout noted that he had seen an unknown ship near the harbor. His superior calmly replied that this vessel belonged to the pirates; he informed his troops that a navy cruiser captured some corsairs after a battle further the north, and interogated them to learn that the criminals were planning a large raid on Ketu Harbor. In order to weaken the attack before it took place, the captain stated that they had to carry out a preemptive strike. He assigned the scout and the elite soldiers who had won the tournament to this operation.[1]


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  • The Ketu Harbor captain looks very similar to Fire Nation soldiers who appear in the episodes "Jet" and "The Cave of Two Lovers".


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