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Kenji was the zookeeper and sole proprietor of the Ba Sing Se Zoo. He had an older brother who also resided in Ba Sing Se.[2]


During his search for Appa, Avatar Aang visited Kenji's zoo, observing its run-down state and the unfitness of the enclosures for the animals. Kenji, the proprietor of the zoo, explained to Aang that he and his business were trapped in a cycle whereby the cultural administrators of the city, the Dai Li, would not finance his zoo because no one visited due to lack of funding.

Kenji, devoid of hope, told Aang how he wished he could restore the zoo to its former state. The Avatar suggested moving the animals to the open area just outside the city and began to herd the creatures out of Ba Sing Se.

Meanwhile, Kenji frantically tried to persuade the guards to open the gate; though they initially refused, the guards changed their mind when they saw a stampede approaching the Inner Wall. Once the gates were open, Aang reached the other side and created earthen walls to secure the animals.

Aang finished the construction with ease, and soon a large number of people came flocking to the new zoo. Kenji gratefully thanked Aang for his help, and told him that he should have a job working with animals. However, the zoo animals were not the only creatures that had followed the sound of Aang's whistle: many cats, dogs, and other domestic pets were unintentionally placed inside the animal pens. Seeing this, Kenji remarked that it would be better if the Avatar stuck to saving people.[1]



Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)


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