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Katara is the last waterbender in the entire South Pole. She is the second child and only daughter of Southern Water Tribe Chief, Hakoda, and his deceased wife, Kya. When she was twelve, her father left with the other warriors of the tribe to fight against the Fire Nation, leaving Katara and her older brother, Sokka, to lead the tribe. While on a fishing trip with Sokka, she discovered the long-lost Avatar, Aang, frozen in an iceberg. The two liberated him and afterward, accompanied him on his journey around the world to prepare for his battle with Fire Lord Ozai.

Avatar: The Last Airbender video game

PS2 version


After the Siege of the North, Aang and Katara practiced waterbending and soon received reports that a waterbender by the name of Hiryu had disappeared. As they returned to the main city, a Fire Navy cruiser appeared and soldiers proceeded to attack them. They were led by none other than Prince Zuko. Eventually, Zuko and his men were defeated, but Katara was captured during the course of the battle. She was taken to a prison in an Earth Kingdom port, where she learned of a prisoner named Lian, who was forced to construct machines for the Fire Nation.


After being freed by Aang and Sokka, Katara and the team ventured to Lian's cell only to find it empty save for a map to an Earth Kingdom village. Upon arrival at the village, they witnessed an attack by machines. After defeating the machines, they met Haru who informed them that his friend, Yuan, had been captured by the machines. Having no knowledge of the origin of these machines, the group decided to travel to Omashu to find clues in its library. Their search in the library revealed the location of an uncharted island. Upon reaching the island, they met Lian who revealed herself to be the one making the machines.

Lian and Four Paws Island

Lian grew worried that Aang would not be able to master the elements in time to stop Fire Lord Ozai and believed that her machines were the only way to end the Hundred Year War. Aang rejected her aid which resulted in her becoming angry and subsequently sending another machine to attack them. The group defeated the machine, but in the confusion, Lian managed to escape to an Air Temple. The group followed her and found her destroying Air Nomad statues with her machines. Team Avatar stopped her, but her machines captured Katara, Sokka and Haru, who were subsequently taken to a fortress where Aang eventually freed them. After being freed, the group was attacked by Prince Zuko, who was ultimately defeated when he was hurled off a cliff and over a waterfall.


Team Avatar explored the fortress and found Lian. She had by now finished constructing a massive machine that was powered by the missing waterbender, Hiryu, and Haru's earthbending friend, Yuan. Lian tried to persuade Aang to help power it, but he instead chose to fight and destroy it. As Aang and the gang battled its elemental weapons, one of its arms reached up to knock him down. Katara intervened, leaping in front of the arm before it reached Aang only to be knocked out. Aang became enraged and entered the Avatar State which enables him to easily destroy the machine, called the Ultimaton. Yuan and Haru reconciled and they all left the fortress.

The Burning Earth

General Fong's base

Team Avatar flew in on Appa toward Fong's base. While flying, Appa sneezed and made Katara and Aang fall off him into General Fong's base. Aang stopped them from hitting the ground by using airbending. They were ambushed by the fort's soldiers.

After defeating the guards, General Fong introduced himself to the two. After Aang told General Fong it was not a very warm reception, he sent more soldiers in larger numbers to the attack the two.

Katara and Aang defeated the ambush of soldiers once more. General Fong said that Aang could end the war if he called forth the Avatar State. Aang responded by saying that he could only enter the Avatar State when there was real danger to himself or his friends. The general instead opted to putting Aang in real danger himself. While fighting the two, Fong captured Katara and earthbent her to make it look like he was hurting her, which in turn enraged Aang and made him enter the Avatar State.

After the confrontation, General Fong began to congratulate Aang until he was hit in the head by Sokka's club. The guards subsequently asked the gang if they still needed an escort to Omashu, which Katara replied that they would manage okay.

Return to Omashu

The trio finally reached the great city of Omashu, only to find that it had been conquered by the Fire Nation. Katara and Sokka thought the best course of action was to keep traveling, but Aang insisted on searching the city for Bumi. Because the Fire Nation now occupied the city, Aang led them into a secret passageway in the sewer. They eventually climbed out of the sewer into the city itself, but were soon stopped by three Fire Nation soldiers. Thanks to two purple pentapuses who had stuck to Sokka's face, they were able to scare the soldiers away.

Suddenly, an old man appeared and told them that he was a member of the resistance. Aang was intrigued by this and so the old man took them back to the sewers where the headquarters of the resistance were located. Once there, they met Captain Yung, the leader of the Earth Kingdom soldiers. Aang asked him if Bumi was leading the resistance to which he told the team that the day the Fire Nation invaded, Bumi immediately surrendered. Aang suggested that because they were outnumbered by the Fire Nation, they should leave Omashu and return to fight another day. In order to get all the citizens evacuated, Sokka proposed that they should all pretend to have "pentapox" just like he did. Aang and Sokka went off in search of pentapuses and supplies while Katara remained in the headquarters. After they returned, Katara went off with Aang to find Bumi while Sokka led the citizens out of Omashu. They reached the palace, but before they could free Bumi, they were suddenly attacked by the Fire Nation Governor, who was a prodigious firebender. After Aang spoke with Bumi about his surrender to the Fire Nation, the trio left Omashu.

The Swamp

Katara asked Aang if something was wrong when she observed that he was flying at a low altitude over a mysterious swamp. Aang stated he was intrigued by the swamp, claiming it was calling to him. However, because Katara and Sokka both became suspicious, Aang decided to fly back up. Before they could fly away however, a tornado suddenly appeared and blew them into the swamp. Katara woke up to find everyone else gone. She walked around the swamp, calling everyone's names, but nobody answered. Suddenly she saw a woman by a tree, whom she first believed to be a villager. She asked for help, but saw that the woman was her mother. Katara ran over to hug her but before she could, the illusion disappeared. Faced with the memory of her greatest loss, Katara knelt down in the swamp and cried.

Katara and Aang fight swamp monster

Katara and Aang fought the swamp monster.

A short while later she came across a village in the swamp that had been set on fire by the Fire Nation. She put out the fires and was told by a villager that there were Fire Nation soldiers nearby, Katara went off to find them. She soon came across the Rough Rhinos led by Colonel Mongke. While fighting the fires and soldiers, Katara came across Jet who claimed that he was on her side and helped her fight the problem. Katara, with the help of Jet, eventually defeated the soldiers and they fled. She returned to the village and found Aang and Sokka there. They split up again to look for Appa with Katara and Sokka traveling to the eastern part of the swamp. Numerous red insects appeared and surrounded them; Katara ran away, leaving Sokka to face them by himself. They returned to the village empty-handed and saw that Aang's search had come up unsuccessful as well. Suddenly, they overheard two villagers talking about a massive creature they wanted to eat for dinner and found Appa only to be attacked by a giant monster composed of plants. They defeated the monster who revealed himself to be merely a waterbender. He educated them about the spirituality of the swamp and Aang had a vision of a massive drill headed for Ba Sing Se. Katara and the others left to find out more about the drill in Aang's vision.

The Blind Bandit

Katara, Sokka, and Aang were browsing the marketplace of Gaoling. Sokka was trying to decide whether or not to buy a green handbag. Aang and Katara got fed up and browseed other shops. A man suddenly ran up to them and handed them a flier for Master Yu's Earthbending Academy. Intrigued, they visited the academy, leaving Sokka still brooding over whether or not he should buy the bag. Master Yu and his lessons did not aid Aang in learning earthbending, so he and Katara decided to leave.

As they were leaving, they overheard two boys talking about an event called Earth Rumble VI. After some "girlish persuasion", Katara found out the location of the event to where she and Aang proceeded to travel. Not having tickets, they sneaked in through the side entrance. When they get into the stadium, they found Sokka already there, having bought the green bag. Katara was disturbed by all the rock throwing and left to take a walk.

As she returned to the stadium, she passed an angry little girl heading in the opposite direction. Later, she found out that Aang and the girl had been kidnapped and so they returned to the stadium. The little girl, named Toph, turned out to be a master earthbender and easily defeated Xin Fu and his minions. After the battle, Toph joined their group and they flew away on Appa.

The Library

After leaving Gaoling, Katara and the group headed to Misty Palms Oasis in order to deliver secret Fire Nation plans to a man named Professor Zei. When they gave him the plans, he told them that in order to interpret the plans, he had to go to Wan Shi Tong's secret library. Being that the library is hidden somewhere in the Si Wong Desert and nobody had ever found it, the gang along with Professor Zei journeyed across the desert to find it, a quest that resulted in success. All entered the building except for Toph who stayed outside with Appa.

As soon as they entered the library, the spirit Wan Shi Tong appeared and informed them that because of human greed and lust to gain advantage over others, humans were no longer permitted in his study. Aang and Sokka managed to trick Wan Shi Tong into letting them explore the library. After extensive studying, they eventually interpreted the plans and find out that the Fire Nation was building a massive drill. Sokka also found out that there was an upcoming solar eclipse that would render the firebenders powerless.

Wan Shi Tong discovered their ruse and became angry which forced them to leave the library. Professor Zei, however, decided to stay because he had spent a lifetime searching for it and did not want to lose it. The team was joyful at first after leaving the library because they know two vital pieces of information relating to the Fire Nation. However, their joy evaporated when they found out from Toph that Appa had been kidnapped by sandbenders. Aang confronted the sandbenders and found out that they had sold him to merchants that were on their way to Ba Sing Se. The gang sadly began their long journey on foot through the desert to Ba Sing Se.

City of Walls and Secrets

After an exhausting journey through the desert, Team Avatar eventually reached the city of Ba Sing Se. There, they were greeted by a woman named Joo Dee who led them to an already prepared house in the Upper Ring. The gang attempted to persuade Joo Dee to take them to the king, but she ignored their requests with meaningless chatter. Since they were stuck there, Aang and Katara decided to explore the city in search of Appa. When they reached the Lower Ring, they did not find Appa, but they did find an old acquaintance: Jet.

The Drill

The gang learned about a drill that was attempting to break through the walls of Ba Sing Se. After entering the metal mechanism, Sokka told the others of his plan to destroy it. Katara and Aang were tasked with cutting the columns of the drill. They succeeded in doing so and went to the top of the drill to deliver the final blow that would collapse the machine entirely. At the top, they found two enemies waiting there: Azula and Zuko. Aang and Katara managed to defeat Zuko and Azula and disabled the drill, leaving Ba Sing Se at peace for now.

Into the Inferno

PS2 version

The Awakening

Katara awoke Aang on a Fire Nation ship that her father and his warriors had captured. She and Aang searched the ship for Sokka, who had a new invasion plan. On the deck of the ship, they found out that Fire Nation soldiers have infiltrated the ship. After finishing them off, they went to the other deck, where they sunk the attacking ship. Sokka subsequently told Aang the new invasion plan.

The Arms Factory

Katara and Aang journeyed to a village to purchase supplies for the invasion. There, they found that a factory was polluting the village's water supply and set out to destroy it. After blowing up the factory, Aang and Katara ran back to the village, but the workers at the now destroyed factory wanted revenge. General Mung and his soldiers attacked Aang and Katara, but lost in the end. Dock, a local store owner of a store, gave Aang and Katara supplies for the invasion as a way of thanking them for ridding the village of the factory and its workers.

The Day of Black Sun

The invasion plan failed when Azula managed to prevent Aang and Toph from finding Ozai before the eclipse ended. Katara and the rest of the team, along with Zuko who joined them during the invasion, fled to the Western Air Temple.

Into the Inferno

Sozin's Comet arrived as Katara and Zuko battled Azula in an airship, while Ozai began executing his plan to burn down the Earth Kingdom, creating a new world from the ashes of the old. They defeated Azula, but the princess took advantage of Katara becoming momentarily unbalanced due to the airship shaking. Azula generated and fired lightning at Katara, who was saved when Zuko jumped in front of her, taking the lightning bolt instead.

Later, Katara helped Aang defeat Ozai. Aang took Ozai's firebending away, therefore ending the War. Ozai was subsequently thrown in jail. Katara and Aang met with Zuko and Mai where they discussed their plans. Zuko and Mai planned to rebuild the world together while Aang stated that he had no plans, but knew that things were looking up.

DS version

There are very few differences between the DS and PS2 versions. However, there are some worth noting:

  • Katara is able to form ice on water surfaces to walk across.
  • Katara faces Azula with Zuko at the Fire Nation Capital rather than the airship. She is also not attacked with lightning.
  • She does not assist Aang in beating Ozai, although she is present at the end when celebrating their victory.

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