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Karu is one of several Bhanti sages residing on an island in the southern Fire Nation, who are tasked with guarding the local Bhanti Village Temple.[2] After Avatar Korra had washed up on the island following her fight with a dark spirit, Karu was among the sages who found and rescued her.[1]


In 171 AG, Karu and two other Bhanti sages found the unconscious Avatar washed ashore their island. The sages immediately decided to help, but when Korra briefly regained consciousness, she panicked, using her airbending to push them back. Karu attempted to calm her down, stating that they were there to help her; however, when he addressed her as "Avatar Korra", she confusedly asked to whom he was referring. Alarmed, he asked her what had happened to her, though she did not know and subsequently lost consciousness once again.[1]

Bhanti men overlooking Korra's healing

Karu overlooked Korra's healing progress, as the Avatar tried to cleanse her being from a dark spirit.

In order to help her, the three sages carried the Avatar back to the temple on a stretcher. After the shaman diagnosed Korra as having been infected by a dark energy, Karu watched as the latter was lowered into a subterranean pool that could heal her Avatar Spirit.[3]

During this process, Karu anxiously asked his superior if he and the other sages should pull the Avatar out of the pool, but the shaman declined his inquiry, as Korra still had to connect with her "deepest Avatar memories". Some time later, Karu witnessed Korra's return to consciousness after she had successfully connected with her Avatar Spirit.[4]


The Legend of Korra

Book Two: Spirits (神靈)


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