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Kangana was a weapons master and pirate leader as Head Captain of the Crimson Sails Armada, a coalition of corsairs and rebels. With the end of the Hundred Year War, the Armada's deal for supplies and money in exchange for peace with the Fire Nation became null in the reign of Fire Lord Zuko. With Kangana failing to renew the agreement with the new Fire Lord, she was ousted from her position and exiled from the island of Crimson Sails after Ningka claimed that her poor leadership ruined the deal.


Kangana grew up poor and saw the inequity in the Fire Nation. Working her way up from poverty to owning her very own fishing boat, Kangana first believed that the system the Fire Nation put in place would protect her and her family. However, she came to see that the idea of a great, fair and equal Fire Nation was a lie, as no matter how far she worked she could never get ahead. Being part of a system that oppressed so many people broke Kangana, and she turned to a life of crime.[1]

Kangana managed to rise to the position of captain of the Pyre Howler, as well as Head Captain of the Crimson Sails Armada as a whole. In the later years of the Hundred Year War, Fire Lord Ozai had cut a deal with the pirates, where they would agree to stop attacking the Fire Nation in return for Ozai delivering food, money, and supplies to the "reformed" pirates.[2]

However, Ozai was deposed at the end of the war, and the Crimson Sails Armada found themselves in a strange place. Fire Lord Zuko was unaware of his father's deal with the pirates, and the money and supplies once quietly diverted to Crimson Sails dried up after Zuko drastically cut his military and started to pay reparations to the Earth Kingdom in accordance with the Treaty of Yu Dao.

As Head Captain, Kangana went to Zuko to demand the same deal they had with Ozai, but she came back empty handed, as the new Fire Lord refused to be extorted by pirates, and told Kangana that the money would go to more worthy causes. A newcomer to the island, Ningka, claimed that Kangana's poor leadership ruined the deal with the Fire Nation, and the Head Captain was soon ousted from her position and exiled from Crimson Sails, losing everything yet again.[1][2]

Set on revenge, Kangana dug up dirt on the architect of her downfall and discovered Ningka was once a Fire Warrior, contradicting her claim that she hailed from a long line of accomplished pirates. She headed to an island near Crimson Sails around the time Ningka's fleets raided Zeisan's Hope, planning to regroup and consider what to do next, hoping to regain her position as Head Captain.[1][2]


Kangana held peace as a principle, but was nonetheless driven to regain her position and sought revenge on Ningka for ousting her from her position.[1]


Kangana was a weapons master, and was able to plan a clear and perfect course of action for herself during a fight. She could easily parry her foes' attacks, and could go straight for the target with precision and accuracy using her weapons.[1]


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