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Kahchi was a member of the Fire Nation military group dubbed the Rough Rhinos, whose weapon of choice was a guan dao.[1] After the Hundred Year War, he became a force for hire, along with the rest of the Rough Rhinos, and ended up as a guard at the Earthen Fire Refinery.[2]


During the Hundred Year War

Around 91 AG, Kahchi and the other members of the Rough Rhinos attacked a small Earth Kingdom town inhabited by Jet and his parents, the latter of whom were killed in the raid. As a result of his parent's death, Jet would later go on to form a rebel group named the Freedom Fighters.[1] In late 99 AG, Kahchi and his comrades invaded another Earth Kingdom village, forcing several inhabitants to become refugees, among whom were Than and his pregnant wife, Ying.[3]

During the spring of 100 AG, Team Avatar was camping out in the southwestern Earth Kingdom when Kahchi and the Rough Rhinos ambushed them for the second time. However, the friends managed to ward the military group off and escape.

Kahchi destroyed Chin's statue during the Rough Rhinos' invasion of Chin Village.

Not too long after the incident, the Rough Rhinos raided the Earth Kingdom's Chin Village in honor of Fire Lord Ozai. In an attempt to scare the village, Kahchi used his weapon to destroy the statue of the village's founder, Chin the Great. Team Avatar was there by coincidence, since Aang had just undergone a trial for killing Chin in his past life as Avatar Kyoshi and was found guilty by the town's mayor when Kyoshi confessed to the crime. When Aang, still dressed in Kyoshi's clothes, approached Kahchi, the latter readied his guan dao. Aang leaned forward and extended his arms out behind him, holding one of Kyoshi's fans, which he opened as he ran. He spun aside out of the rhino's way at the last moment and used the fan to airbend Kahchi out of his saddle over the cliff.[4]

In the Rough Rhinos' next encounter with Team Avatar at a small Earth Kingdom town, Kahchi used his weapon as a means to tie Sokka up, thinking along with his team that Sokka was the Avatar; he and his fellow soldiers were quickly defeated by Aang, Katara, and Sokka and fled from the village.[5]

Later that spring, the Rough Rhinos ran into Iroh and Zuko. Ogodei swung his ball and chain at Iroh, but Iroh kicked the ball away, redirecting it and wrapping its chain around the leg of Kahchi's rhino. Iroh rose back up and swatted the rump of the rhino that had been chained. The rhino ran off, yanking Ogodei and Kahchi away. Iroh waved as he watched them both go.[6]

Guards at the Earthen Fire Refinery

In an attempt to apprehend Sokka, Kahchi threw his guan dao at him, inadvertently causing the iron mine to cave in, trapping them all.

In 102 AG, Kahchi, along with Vachir, was ordered by Loban to guard the workers in the iron mine. When he encountered Sokka and Katara snooping around, he ordered them to go away and subsequently attacked them. He was knocked back, however, when Sokka hit him full in the chest with his machete. By the time Sokka had returned with Lao Beifong, Kahchi had recovered and ordered Sokka to remain where he was and threw his guan dao at him. The weapon missed the Southern Water Tribe warrior, though sliced a wooden support beam, causing the mine to cave in. He was saved by Toph Beifong, who used her metalbending to keep the rubble from crushing everyone, though he was trapped underground.[2]

Kahchi was knocked out by the buttons from the forklift after Satoru damaged its engine.

After Aang and Toph's metalbending students rescued everyone from the cave-in, Kahchi's injuries were tended to by the Air Acolytes, who bandaged his forehead. Afterward, he and Vachir were ordered by Loban to retrieve their rhinos to haul a giant iron mask back to the beach so he could ship it to his own plant in the Fire Nation for processing and the subsequent profits. On the way, however, a storm developed, making the transport difficult. Kahchi tried to convince his boss that they would not be able to sail in the storm and asked if they could wait, but Loban ordered them to continue on, equating waiting to losing in business. When Sokka and Satoru showed up on a forklift to try and stop the transport, Kahchi and Vachir were ordered to attack them. Kahchi chased the nervous Satoru with his guan dao, but was thrown back when the engineer used Sokka's battle club to hit the forklift's engine and blow its buttons back at him, knocking him out. The Rough Rhinos were left behind as the spirit General Old Iron emerged from the water.[7]


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  • According to Iroh, he "looks like a jasmine [tea] man".[6]
  • Kahchi's long beard and dragon-headed halberd resemble common depictions of Guan Yu, a famous warrior from Chinese history.
  • In the comic book story "Sokka the Avatar", Kahchi is shown using bogo chains, Ogodei's typical weapons, while Ogodei is sporting a halberd, Kahchi's typical weapon.


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