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Juicy is a flying bison who chose Opal to be his companion.[1] His slobbery and unkempt appearance, along with his pungent odor, makes him distinctive from the rest of the herd.[2]


As Opal desired to free her family, who were at the time incarcerated by Kuvira, she and Lin Beifong saddled up Juicy to prepare for a journey to Zaofu. After Bolin joined their quest as well,[3] Juicy flew the threesome to the metal city, where he was introduced to Toph Beifong, who made a remark about his body odor being even worse than Appa's. As the elder asked Opal why she chose such a "leaky, nasty thing", the young airbender clarified that Juicy had chosen her and good-heartedly jabbed that she had checked whether she could do something about that, while affectionately petting the bison.

Juicy flew the foursome to a factory not far from Zaofu, where he stayed out of sight, awaiting Opal's summoning after they had rescued Suyin and the rest of her family. Upon hearing her bison whistle call, he rushed in, and took Opal and Bolin to a nearby village to save Zhu Li. Later, Juicy flew the ten people, among them, Suyin and her family, to safety, before heading back toward Republic City after dropping off Toph.[1]

Several months later, Juicy raced Opal, Korra, Asami, Toph, and Suyin to Gaoling, as they hoped to catch up with Kuvira, who has stolen a Metal Clan biplane. The bison landed in the Earth Empire reeducation camp to unload its passengers, who promptly engaged Commander Guan and his soldiers.[4]


The Legend of Korra

Book Four: Balance (平衡)

Graphic novels


  • Juicy constantly suffers from rhinorrhea. Due to this, he has difficulty breathing and constantly wheezes and has his tongue out in order to better breathe through his mouth.[1]
  • When Opal introduces Toph to Juicy, the earthbender comments that he smells worse than Appa.[1]
  • Dee Bradley Baker based Juicy's congested snorts and breathing on the noises made by his pet pugs.[5]


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