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Iroh prepared jook for breakfast one morning in his and Zuko's apartment.

Jook[1] () is a traditional rice porridge eaten in the Earth Kingdom. It is typically eaten for breakfast, although with the addition of meat and vegetables, it can be made into any meal. Plain jook, without additional ingredients, is usually served as a side dish, although it is also eaten when one is recovering from an illness.


Auntie Mui would often prepare a communal pot of jook for the servants at Yun's estate, garnishing it with dried-out scraps from the upstairs tables. Kyoshi would often help herself to jook on the days when she had time to eat breakfast.[1]

During their stay in Ba Sing Se, Iroh made jook for breakfast soon after Zuko awoke from his illness, not expecting his nephew to want any. He was pleasantly surprised, however, when Zuko requested a bowl after smelling its aroma and commenting that it smelled delicious.[2]


  • Jook is an actual Asian breakfast food prepared by boiling rice in a vast amount of water until it is broken down into a starchy paste, the consistency of which depends on personal preference and regional differences in culture and ingredients. Garnishes such as salted eggs, lettuce, and bamboo shoots are often added for variety, while seasonings such as white pepper and soy sauce are added for flavor.[3]
  • "Jook" is the Cantonese and Korean pronunciation for rice congee.
  • Jook is often served in Asian households to individuals who have some kind of ailment that would inhibit their digestion.


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