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The following information is not considered to be part of the main continuity.

Jojo, also known as the Kissing Bandit, was a clever earthbender from the Earth Kingdom, whose main goal was to give to the poor by taking from the rich. She was notorious for seducing her victims and stealing from them, leaving a trademark red-lipstick mark on the left side of her male victims. The Earth Kingdom authorities rarely pursued her, however, due to her beauty and relatively benign actions, as well as the fact that she never took everything someone had and rarely inflicted physical harm.

Jojo was also known to steal from the Fire Nation, often forcing her to block firebending attacks and retaliate with her own bending. Other known victims include the cabbage merchant and Katara, who attacked Jojo with her waterbending.

Upon seeing Avatar Aang's wanted posters, Jojo became infatuated with him.[1]


Known appearances in cards[]

Card number Card name Type Rarity
23 Canyon Sprint strike uncommon
33 Rocky Road strike rare
37 Terra Break strike rare
108 Head Over Heels advantage uncommon
109 Highway Robbery advantage common
126 Jojo, the Kissing Bandit ally rare
150 Granite Block strike uncommon
153 Seismic Spring strike uncommon
169 The Kissing Bandit advantage Zenemental
194 Jojo chamber common
195 Jojo chamber common
196 Jojo chamber uncommon
197 Jojo chamber common
198 Jojo chamber uncommon
199 Jojo chamber rare


  • Jojo's goal to steal from the rich to give to the poor is similar to Robin Hood's modus operandi.
  • Jojo's beauty was of such fame that some Earth Kingdom officials fantasized about being her victim.[1]


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