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Jobal is a citizen of Republic City who refused to leave the city during the invasion of the United Republic of Nations.[1]


In 174 AG, when President Raiko ordered a mandatory evacuation of the citizens of Republic City, Jobal decided that the government did not have the right to make him leave, and thus stayed in his apartment. When the other citizens of Republic City evacuated and abandoned their pets, he took them in, fed them, and valued them as his family.

After the invasion was stopped, Avatar Korra and Meelo went searching for the pets. Eventually, Meelo found one of the pets, Nibbles, and followed it into Jobal's apartment, where he found the rest of the animals along with Jobal. When the airbender said that he was going to return the pets to their owners, Jobal firmly refused, stating that they were like family to him. However, when Meelo showed him photographs of the pets with their original owners, Jobal decided to let Meelo return the pets, sadly saying goodbye to them. Meelo then suggested the Jobal should return with him and live in a refugee camp, where there was food, tents, and people to keep him company, an offer to which he agreed.

One day at the camp, Meelo served Jobal dinner, as well as giving him a myriad of ring-tailed winged lemurs as replacements for his previous pets.[1]


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