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"I believe I have to make peace with my own choices, just like everyone else."
— Jinpa to Kyoshi.[1]

Jinpa was a monk from the Southern Air Temple who once served as its head of administration.[3] A member of the clandestine Order of the White Lotus, Jinpa helped Kyoshi establish her Avatarhood in any way he could, even if her actions went against the pacifist teachings of the Air Nomads.[1]

Becoming Kyoshi's secretary, Jinpa aided the Avatar on her quest to stabilize the four nations. Although badly wounded during Kyoshi's battle with Yun in Yokoya, Jinpa was successfully healed, and introduced to the other members of the Flying Opera Company.[4]

In his later life he would go on to write a book titled "The Lives of the Avatars".[5]


Meeting Kyoshi[]

Monk Jinpa was present at the Southern Air Temple when Avatar Kyoshi sought refuge there, following the death of Avatar Kuruk's earthbending master, Jianzhu, who wished to control the next incarnation of the Avatar.

Jinpa was somewhat responsible for Kyoshi's accommodation at the Southern Air Temple. One day, he informed her that investigators sent by the Earth King believed that daofei were responsible for the mass poisoning in Yokoya that killed several Earth Sages as well as some of the Avatar mansion's staff. When asked about any news from Qinchao, Jinpa, unused to relaying so much dreadful news, reported that the authorities had recovered Jianzhu's body and a couple of witnesses corroborated her story, confirming that a young man killed him in cold blood. However, most of the townfolk weren't convinced her of innocence; the Avatar remarked that she was not going to bother the Chins anytime soon. Lastly, Jinpa informed her that Jianzhu changed his will, bequeathing the mansion and all his wealth to Kyoshi, as well as urging the other sages to support her. This gave the impression to the world that Kyoshi murdered him to gain his wealth, as Jinpa noted it was suspicious the Avatar and the Earth Sage were meeting in Qinchao so soon after the poisoning.

After accompanying Kyoshi to her quarters, she requested that her late adoptive father, Kelsang, be removed from disgrace among the Air Nomads for his attack on a Fifth Nation fleet, and even demanded a statue of him. Jinpa cautioned that the Council of Elders would dislike such an act, but seemed amused at the young Avatar making use of her position. As he urged her to come to him with any other requests, he also apologized on behalf of his compatriots for failing to find her in the beginning. When she assumed he was referring to the Air Nomads, he tried to subtly indicate it was a different organization by inquiring if she played Pai Sho, but Kyoshi did not understand and dismissed him.[3] He was assigned to Kyoshi as her secretary by the elders after constantly helping the Avatar with planning and communication.[2]

After they left the Southern Air Temple, Jinpa accompanied Kyoshi when she mopped up the Fifth Nation splinter fleets before they could reform. They proceeded to travel to the Misty Palms Oasis and dealt with a problem with the beetle-headed merchants and their mercenaries. By the time Kyoshi dealt with the Emerald Claws, a band of daofei raiding Gintong Province, others knew that they should go through Jinpa to talk to the Avatar.[1]

The Festival of Szeto[]

One year later, in Ba Sing Se, he informed Kyoshi of the recovery of Zigan Village, as well as the numerous requests to meet Earth Kingdom officials that he had denied. He reminded the Avatar that she could not put off the leadership forever as well as his concerns for her own well being, and insisted she take the greater stage, as her status as the Avatar created ripples whether she meant to or not.[2]

As he avoided her question about the identity of his "mysterious friends" he kept alluding to, he reported there was no update on Yun. Though Kyoshi suggested increasing the reward on him, Jinpa voiced that it would not sway the Earth sages, who would prefer to pretend that Yun never existed, having lost face for falsely identifying him as the Avatar. As he assured her that he was not suggesting she give up her search for Yun, he unintentionally upset by her by referring to her friend as "the false Avatar". After a moment of awkward silence, he promised to send Yun's description to every major passport-checking waystation in the Earth Kingdom before then informed her that Fire Lord Zoryu had invited her to the Fire Nation for the Festival of Szeto.[2]

When Kyoshi accepted the invitation Jinpa accompanied her to the Fire Nation, flying her there on his flying bison, Yingyong. As they flew over the Mo Ce Sea, the monk pointed out a small island where Avatar Yangchen performed her first act of waterbending.[6] They made their way over the various Fire Islands, wisely avoiding the volcanic smoke but riding Yingyong over the thermals in between. They quickly reached the Fire Nation Capital and landed by the main gate to the royal palace, where the Avatar was greeted by Rangi.[7] Rangi introduced herself to Jinpa, promising him that Yingyong would be well cared for in the palace stables.

Jinpa joined Kyoshi and Rangi's tour of the palace after they were greeted by Chancellor Dairin, starting with the Royal Gallery. Kyoshi's question about the late Fire Lord Chaeryu's portrait brought the tour to an abrupt end, and Kyoshi's group was shown to their accommodations. In Kyoshi's chambers, Rangi and Jinpa disciplined the Avatar for her poor eating and sleeping habits over the past year.[8] Jinpa left the couple alone, returning some hours later to inform them that the party was beginning. The group was surprised to find that five hundred guests were in attendance instead of the expected twenty to thirty, aggravating Kyoshi. After the group watched a short musical performance, Dairin told her to mingle in the direction of the Fire Lord. Jinpa was bombarded with questions from curious Fire Nation courtiers, intrigued to see an Air Nomad at the palace.[9] Jinpa began a party trick of lifting himself a few feet off the ground without creating gusts of wind. Asking for a volunteer he could lift, the fun-loving Atuat quickly joined him, Hei-Ran chasing after her to look over the doctor's antics.[10]

Jinpa returned to Kyoshi's side after her great diplomatic faux pas of assuming that Chaejin was in fact the Fire Lord. When Hei-Ran began to feel unwell, Atuat had Jinpa help escort the firebending master to her room.[11] As Jinpa served tea to Hei-Ran and Atuat in the traditional Air Nomad style, Kyoshi and Rangi barged in, asking where Yun was, as he had begun his attack on the palace.[12]

The following morning, Jinpa was grooming Yingyong in the stables as Rangi barged in, offering to help. Jinpa accepted but soon left the firebender to sulk alone, not wishing to provoke her. He told Kyoshi of her location, and later bore witness to Hei-Ran's dishonor ritual, where she disposed of her top-knot. Afterward, Jinpa began to make preparations for the group's journey to North Chung-Ling.[13]

End of the Camellia-Peony War[]

Jinpa arrived in North Chung-Ling on Yingyong with Kyoshi and her companions. The group made their way into town, and Jinpa was overwhelmed by the townsfolk, who all wanted an airbender to bless them with health and prosperity. He and Atuat distracted the civilians with gambling and blessings while Kyoshi, Rangi, and Hei-Ran went to meet Nyahitha.[14]

The following day, Nyahitha alerted Jinpa of an altercation in the village square, where Saowon and Keohso clansmen had lined up to fight. Jinpa's presence made some of the clansmen drop their aggressive stance, and the airbender wedged others apart with his own staff before they could fight one another.[15] After Hei-Ran was grievously injured by Yun, Jinpa made his way to the Coral Urchin Noodle House, discussing the possibility of war with Nyahitha.[16]

Later, Kyoshi had Jinpa fly her to the melonyam fields and determined that the crops had been poisoned with salt, leading her to the conclusion that Yun and Lady Huazo were in league with each other. Noting that they needed a confession from the Saowon, Hei-Ran, Kyoshi, Jinpa, and Atuat began to formulate a plan to kidnap Huazo and Chaejin and make them confess. After Kyoshi arrested Huazo at the docks, she returned to the inn, where she and Jinpa took off on Yingyong.[17]

Jinpa and Kyoshi flew to Capital Island with Huazo. On the way, the noblewoman explained the history of her relationship with Chaeryu, and her political motivations to see her son on the throne. After Kyoshi left her at a safehouse on Capital Island, Jinpa noted that the story was quite a tale, and asked if Kyoshi and Huazo were now friends, which she denied. Asking why Jinpa never guided her to the path of nonviolence, the monk explained he was part of another organization that acknowledged that ugly deeds had to be done to uphold truth, and not to impart his pacifistic ideals on the Avatar. Afterward, they took to the capital, planning to kidnap Chaejin.[1]

When they reached the safehouse with Chaejin, Jinpa grew shocked as Kyoshi ripped away the foundations and threatened to drop both mother and son, not knowing just how far she was willing to go. Kyoshi realized that neither party knew about Yun, and let them go free. She was shocked by her own actions, and Jinpa told her to get a hold of herself.[18] When they arrived at the palace, Jinpa informed Kyoshi that she ought to attend an assembly in the Fire Lord's theater.[19] Not wanting to burden Jinpa with another half-baked plan, Kyoshi instead departed the capital on a ship.[20]

Final confrontation with Yun[]

Over the following month, Jinpa reached out to Kirima and Wong with the proper daofei codes, offering them gold if they were to help out with Kyoshi's final battle with Yun. While Kyoshi's other companions fought Yun directly, Jinpa circled above the Avatar mansion on Yingyong to help, in order not to go against his pacifistic ideals. Jinpa came down after Yun shook the foundations of the mansion and stunned all the combatants. Yun launched a hedge of stone spears, launching them at the airbender and managing to run him through the shoulder, pinning him to his bison's saddle horn.

At the battle's end, Jinpa was taken to the mansion's standing infirmary and given some medicine for the pain. He was informed that Atuat would arrive shortly, who could help heal him.[4]

Later life[]

At some point later in his life, he wrote a book known as "The Lives of the Avatar" which contained many stories and details about various Avatars. He noted how some Avatars like Szeto or Yangchen had been easily identified due to bending multiple elements or performing feats possible only for an Avatar, contrasting this with regularily identified Avatars like Kuruk. However, much of the book was concerned with stories about Kyoshi, including Yun's difficult role in her life.[5]

Physical description[]

Jinpa was described as a young monk who was tall in stature.[3] Kyoshi noted that he had a surprising set of muscles on him despite his lanky physique.[9] He had not received his tattoos yet as of 295 BG.[16]


As an airbender, Jinpa preferred to follow a path of pacifism, though he understood that sometimes a fight was necessary for the greater good.[21] However, he was more directly involved with the matters of the world as an administrator of finance, and later as Kyoshi's secretary. He was competent at smoothing over Kyoshi's political dealings and diplomatic matters, and was generally an amiable figure. He also never pushed his ideals on others and, as a member of the Order of the White Lotus, knew that sometimes truth and beauty must be defended with ugliness.[1]


Chronicles of the Avatar

The Rise of Kyoshi

The Shadow of Kyoshi

Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game


  • In Tibetan, Jinpa means "generosity" which is one of the Six Perfections.[22]


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