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Jinju was an Air Nomad boy who lived in the Southern Air Temple before the Hundred Year War. Roughly as old as Aang, he was one of the less popular boys at the temple and was often picked last for team sports, due to his odd behavior and unkempt appearance.


Not long before Aang froze himself in an iceberg, he created and taught his peers a new airbending trick, the air scooter, which was a sphere of air upon which one could ride, and the other children soon created an accompanying game. When Aang asked to play, he was denied as the others felt that his being the Avatar would give his team an unfair advantage. As Aang left, Jinju was the last to be picked, though neither team showed interest.[2]

Like the rest of Air Nomads, Jinju did not live to see Avatar Aang bring an end to the War that had begun with the Air Nomad Genocide by the Fire Nation.


Avatar: The Last Airbender[]

Book One: Water (水)[]



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