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This article is about the airbender. For the pirate, see Jiang.

Jiang is a detective of the Republic City Police force who developed airbending abilities following the Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG.


After many years on the force, Jiang discovered his airbending abilities after Harmonic Convergence, and briefly spent some time studying at Air Temple Island. However, his short fuse and struggles with patience led to his rapid departure, and he continued to work as a detective for the Republic City Police.[1][2]

Jiang lost everything in the wake of Kuvira's spirit cannon, as he was separated from his family during the evacuation of Republic City. His home was destroyed by the cannon blasts and there were no reports of his husband or children, leading him to presume that they had been taken from him.

After spirit energy canisters went missing from Juniper Kim's laboratory, Jiang took the case into his own hands, with his personal motto being that it was better to ask for forgiveness than permission.[2]


Jiang has always been a man of action but has become more jaded and more willing to break the rules to get results than ever before after losing everything. He can easily fly off the handle if provoked or if he sees an opening. While Jiang is still cunning and clever, he can let his hot head and recent emotional trauma get the better of him very easily.[2]


Jiang has some skill with airbending from his time spent training on Air Temple Island. He can rush forth with the might of the wind behind him to crash into foes and disorient them.[2]


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