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The jet ski was originally designed by the Fire Nation.

A jet ski is a mode of aquatic transportation used by the Fire Nation's domestic forces and by the Water Tribe.


General Mung's soldiers attacked the village of Jang Hui from on board a jet ski.

When General Mung suspected the Jang Hui villagers of sabotage following the destruction of the Fire Nation Army factory, he and his forces arrived at the village on jet skis to destroy it in retaliation. While disguised as the Painted Lady, Katara fought the soldiers and destroyed several of their jet skis during the battle, leaving only a few for the terrified assailants to escape on.[1]

Jet skis were also used to patrol the access way to the Fire Nation Capital. When the invasion fleet was halted at the Great Gates of Azulon during the Day of Black Sun, soldiers on jet skis arrived to intercept and investigate the Water Tribe boats.[2]

After the end of the Hundred Year War, jet skis were also used by the Water Tribe. During the Water Tribe Civil War, Desna and Eska chased Avatar Korra on jet skis while she was traveling to the Fire Nation from Republic City. However, the twins were forced to abandon the vehicles after they were destroyed by a waterbending attack from Korra.[3]


Eska used the much leaner Water Tribe jet ski to pursue Avatar Korra.

This steam-powered water skimmer is perfect for short-range water travel and warfare. Seating two soldiers, it travels at fast speeds and can reach a location via water quite rapidly.[4] The device runs on steam power, as made evident by the boiler and fire box in the back. It has three blades on each side, hidden inside covered slots,[5] and is a fearsome display of the Fire Nation's advanced war arsenal. The jet ski is adapted for quick strikes or sabotage against enemy vessels. The Water Tribe's jet ski, being a more modern machine, is much leaner, and seats only one person.


  • Jet skis are similar to real-world coast guard vessels and patrol boats.


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