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Sokka and Katara were encased in jennamite until Aang completed King Bumi's challenges.

Jennamite, also known as creeping crystal, is a mineral that grows at remarkably fast speeds when it comes into contact with organic matter.[1] Though it can be dangerous, as it will grow until its host is completely encased and in danger of suffocation, it also serves as a delectable snack, considering that it is made of rock candy.[2][3]


The jennamite given to Katara and Sokka started out as a small ring.

In order to force Avatar Aang to complete his three challenges, King Bumi slid a jennamite ring on Katara and Sokka's finger, where the crystal immediately started growing. By the time Aang successfully passed all three challenges, the crystal was already threatening to engulf the siblings completely. Before it could cut off their air supply and suffocate them, however, Bumi shattered the crystal and casually started eating one of the pieces.[3]

Decades later, a bending triad in Republic City called themselves the Creeping Crystal Triad after the way jennamite encases its victims until there is no escape.[1]

Jargala tried to trap Tokuga with jennamite.

In 174 AG, Jargala Omo, the leader of the triad, used jennamite as her preferred type of bending material and used it on several occasions to attack and defend. She tried to use jennamite's creeping properties to get the upper hand on Tokuga, the Triple Threat Triad's leader. She threw the rock at her opponent, goading him to catch it. As he did, the crystal slowly began to encase him, prompting Jargala to remark that it was time he learned not to mess with a Creeping Crystal. Before she could continue her attack, however, Tokuga, smashed the rock and continued the fight.[1]

The Creeping Crystal Triad also used the crystals glowing properties as a light source in their headquarters,[4] as well as a way to guide them through the dark.[1]



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