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Lieutenant Jee was one of the senior officers aboard Zuko's ship. He was a capable firebender, accomplished singer, and talented pipa player. Jee was aboard the ship for a substantial period of time, during which he occasionally argued with Prince Zuko.[2]


In late 99 AG, after three years of searching, Zuko finally discovered Avatar Aang. Jee, Zuko, Iroh, and the rest of Zuko's crew continued hunting for Aang until early 100 AG.

That same year, Iroh became leery of an approaching storm and advised Zuko to consider the safety of the entire crew by changing their course. Jee walked in on them just as Zuko was telling Iroh that the safety of the crew did not matter. When he saw Jee, he continued to insist that finding the Avatar was more important. This left Jee angry, with Iroh trying to reassure him that Zuko was just "worked up".

A verbal confrontation between Jee and Zuko threatened to turn into a fight.

Later, Zuko's ship arrived at the edge of gathering storm clouds. As some members of the crew, including Jee, were looking over the side of the ship, Zuko walked on the deck. Jee made an arrogant comment about Iroh's correct prediction about the storm, which prompted Zuko to reprimand him. Overcome with anger, Jee yelled at Zuko for being disrespectful to his crew and uncle, calling the young royal a spoiled prince. The two of them squared off and were about to fight when Iroh broke them up. Jee went below deck, looking sullen.

Over dinner, Jee talked with some other members of the crew, stating he was sick of chasing the Avatar and taking Zuko's orders. Iroh appeared and asked to join them. He told Jee and the rest of the crew about Zuko's history and how he was burned and banished by his father. This left Jee, who had assumed Zuko's scar was due to a training accident, with a better understanding of the banished prince.

While traveling through the storm, Zuko's ship was hit by a bolt of lightning. Jee and the crew rushed out to survey the damage, and the prince joined them moments later. They saw that the bridge had been shattered, and the helmsman was in danger. Zuko and Jee climbed up a ladder and each risked his life to save the crewman.[1] After this event, Jee was more loyal and responsive to Zuko, while the prince grew to listen to and care for his crew more. Some months later, while enjoying the ship's weekly music night, Jee and the rest of the crew were interrupted and pressed into service by Zhao for the admiral's invasion of the North Pole.[3]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)


  • In Zuko's Story, Iroh mentions that Jee served under him during his siege of Ba Sing Se. As the comic takes place in the movie canon and not the show's, this is ambiguously canon.


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