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Jaya was Wan's friend and one of the first firebenders in the world. Along with the other impoverished citizens from his city, Jaya ventured into the Spirit Wilds to start a new life and escape the tyranny of the Chou family.[3]


Early life

Jaya lived in a tree house on the outskirts of a city on top of a lion turtle who would bestow the ability to bend fire upon its inhabitants. Unlike Wan, he was originally resigned to his fate as a commoner, depending entirely on food that Wan stole in order to survive, though Jaya continued to discourage stealing from the Chou family.

Jaya and Yao shocked

Jaya was shocked upon learning that Wan had stolen the ability to firebend from the fire lion turtle.

After Wan stole the ability to bend fire from the lion turtle on which he lived, Jaya expressed uncertainty about looting the Chou palace, and reiterated that it was illegal to bring the ability to bend into the city. Regardless of his own warning, Jaya accompanied Wan and several other villagers on a raid on the Chou palace. After a successful raid, Jaya escaped along with the other villagers while Wan remained to fight off the guards and the Chou brothers.

The following day, Jaya and Yao witnessed Wan's banishment into the Spirit Wilds and lamented over his fate, under the belief that he would die within a day. When an expedition of hunters returned and confirmed that Wan had been living among the spirits and protecting the Spirit Oasis, Jaya resolved to venture into the wilds as well, believing himself capable of surviving if Wan had done the same.

Leading the settlers

Wan reunites with Jaya

Jaya reunited with Wan in the Spirit Wilds.

After obtaining the ability to firebend, Jaya and several other villagers settled in the Spirit Wilds, though engaged in several conflicts against hostile spirits, for whom he developed a deep hatred after losing Yao and several other friends. With the use of firebending, he began to burn down trees with the other villagers; however, this was done to a great extent, thereby catching the attention of Raava and Wan.[3]

Shortly after reuniting with his friend, Jaya engaged in an altercation with the aye-aye spirit and several others. Although Wan and Raava tried to mediate between the parties, tension rose, and Jaya was set on having his revenge on the spirits who took so many of his friends. After the spirits were corrupted by Vaatu, Jaya was the first to attack, throwing a fire ball at the dark aye-aye spirits, instigating a fight. Jaya was surprised when Wan halted the fight by bending all four elements, though after he passed out due to the strain on his body caused by Raava's presence inside him, Jaya resumed battling with the spirits and was eventually killed.[1]


Jaya firebends

In the time he spent in the Spirit Wilds, Jaya developed a hatred for all spirits and became increasingly violent.

Originally, Jaya was accepting of the fact that he would never be an individual with power, and disagreed with Wan's attempts to prove otherwise. He was often hesitant of actions that disagreed with the norm, as he showed when he expressed uncertainty about raiding the Chou palace.[3]

After living in the Spirit Wilds, he developed a sense of courage, along with a deep hatred of all spirits. Aggressive in nature, Jaya was quick to start battles against spirits, one of which ultimately led to his death.[1]


Although Jaya had not developed his firebending abilities to the level that Wan had, he was skilled in the use of the art as a weapon, having been capable of surviving the Spirit Wilds and several encounters with spirits.[1]


The Legend of Korra

Book Two: Spirits (神靈)


  • Jaya was a known player of Pai Sho, as he was seen playing it with Yao in the tree house.


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