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This boy was an extremely impoverished resident of Jang Hui village, whose local river was being polluted by a nearby factory until Katara and Team Avatar helped remove the river's pollution.


For as long as he could remember, the child lived a life of poverty. The polluted water from the river surrounding his village had recently caused his mother to become gravely ill, and thus he had devoted his time to begging on the streets to assist her recovery. He firmly believed that the Painted Lady would return and heal his mother.[2] Upon the arrival of Avatar Aang and his friends at a local shop to purchase food, the little boy saw an opportunity to find his mother something, and he asked Katara to spare some, and she gave him what she could: a fish. Later that night, Katara dressed up as the Painted Lady and used her healing abilities to restore his mother's health and that of other ill villagers. The little boy woke up upon hearing Katara, and happily thanked her, assuming that she was the Painted Lady.

Later on, after Katara destroyed General Mung's factory, Mung and his troops attacked the village, but before they were able to destroy it, a mysterious mist accompanied by strange noises developed, and the boy warned Mung that the Painted Lady had reemerged. To his joy, Katara appeared as the Painted Lady and she, along with Aang's help, scared Mung's soldiers away, forcing the general to flee. Much to the child's dismay, however, the village soon realized that Katara was impersonating the Painted Lady. Despite initial anger, Sokka pointed out that Katara had saved them and should be owed some gratitude, which the villagers, including the little boy, became inclined to express.[1]


The child was a very kind, well mannered, and selfless person. When he received food, he never thought twice before giving it to his mother. He held a strong belief in the Painted Lady's existence and became angry when someone tried to impersonate her.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire (火)


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