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The term "Jackalope" has not been confirmed by official sources.

The jackalope is a small, chimerical mammal which inhabits the vast Si Wong Desert.[1]


The jackalope has a pair of long, sensitive ears, cleft upper lips, and a short, tufted tail. The creature also has two hind legs and a pair of leading feet which are elongated, with strong muscles that aid in leaping. Its distinguishing feature is a pair of antlers that protrude from its head.


A timid creature, the jackalope compulsively leaps into the air when startled, and immediately flees the area in which the danger is perceived. The animal has special adaptations that allow it to eat cacti and not be affected by the plant's thorns or intoxicated by the hallucinogens found in cactus juice. When feeding on cacti, jackalopes nibble the plant quietly in order to avoid attracting the attention of other animals.


The jackalope, for the most part, is identical to the common-day jackrabbit, but is easily associable to the pronghorn antelope and the deer. As both jackrabbits and pronghorns are generalists, it is highly likely that the jackalope is able to survive in most environments, including the desert.


  • The jackalope is the only animal in the series, other than the dragon, that is based on an creature present in real-world mythology. The real-life jackalope is a legendary creature of North American folklore.


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