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Ivalu was a waterbender and a member of the Order of the White Lotus who lived in Agna Qel'a during the early era of Yangchen.[1]


Ivalu was stationed in a cavern hidden in the ice wall of Agna Qel'a, which was used to bypass the watch posts around the capital city. She was present as Ayunerak and Kavik landed on a frozen ramp, with their umiak laying off to the side with a shredded hull. Ivalu rushed over them with her hands covered in water like a medic and snapped at Kavik, as she believed he could have killed Ayunerak at the speed they were going. However, Ayunerak stated that Kavik made the right call, as they would have been caught had he not acted quickly. Ivalu also managed to let slip Ayunerak's status of Executor of the White Lotus, even though Kavik was previously unaware of her rank.

Ivalu scowled at Kavik after he voiced that he was also unharmed, and tried to hunch over to Ayunerak to brief her on the situation. As Ivalu started to speak, Ayunerak noted that they could freely mention they were talking about Avatar Yangchen, as they were with inside company. Ivalu confirmed that Yangchen's meeting with Chief Oyaluk took place, but that the White Lotus had lost sight of her a day prior to Ayunerak's arrival. Ayunerak asked if Yangchen had left Agna Qel'a and made it past White Lotus watchers, but Ivalu responded that she did not believe so, as Nujian, Pik, and Pak were still in the city. When Kavik asked more about the winged lemurs, Ivalu explained that they were hovering around the back court of the chief's temple and scratching on the ice, not having moved for a day. Ayunerak stared at Ivalu, asking the junior Lotus if she knew where the wall led to. Ivalu said that the order was not made of fools, and that they had checked on the Spirit Oasis, but could not find Yangchen. Kavik then supposed that Yangchen's body could physically be in the Spirit World, causing Ayunerak to order the others to go to the oasis at once.

Ivalu, Ayunerak, and Kavik proceeded to leave the cavern, and raced through the streets of Agna Qel'a. When Ayunerak brought them to the wooden gate in the ice wall, she ordered Ivalu to keep watch as the other two entered the Oasis.[1] Ayunerak and Kavik would leave the oasis after Yangchen returned from the Spirit World, moving on to a White Lotus safe house in the city.[2]

Physical description[]

Ivalu had her hair in a long braid.[1]


Chronicles of the Avatar[]

The Legacy of Yangchen[]

  • 205. "Previously"


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