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Iroh and Zuko's apartment is an upper-class residence in the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se. This upscale apartment became the new home of Iroh and Zuko during the latter part of their stay in the Earth Kingdom capital.[1]


The apartment was offered to Iroh by Quon as part of the latter's business proposal to hire Iroh and allow the refugee to open his own tea shop, the Jasmine Dragon, in the Upper Ring of the city.[2] When Iroh took the deal, he and Zuko moved into the apartment, where they stayed until Zuko was able to return home and Iroh was taken as a prisoner.[3]


The apartment is representative of most apartments in the Upper Ring: it is spacious and well-kept, both on the inside and out, and has perfectly manicured lawns. The view from the apartment looks out over the city, or, at the very least, over a well-kept and low-traffic street. Iroh's favorite part of the new apartment was the large kitchen for brewing tea.[4]


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