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This article is about the sandal worn by Zuko's uncle. For other similar uses, see Iroh (disambiguation).
Iroh's sandal

Iroh's sandal was beige in color.

Iroh's sandal was a piece of footwear worn by Iroh that favored comfort over beauty. It was evident that Iroh wore this sandal frequently, as his foot's stench was strongly embedded into it.


When Iroh was captured by an earthbender captain and his men, the firebender intentionally left his sandal on the road, enabling Zuko to easily track him down. This proved successful, as without Zuko's intervention, the captain would have crushed Iroh's hands.[1]

Just before Sozin's Comet returned, Zuko used the sandal in a similar situation when he and Team Avatar needed to find Iroh once more. Zuko produced this sandal as a smell sample for June's shirshu, Nyla, in order to find his uncle. After the team found Iroh, Zuko joked with his uncle that it was not that hard to find him, as he had a very strong scent.[2]


The design of Iroh's sandal was very simple, basically consisting of a beige sole and two straps of a darker color that went between the toes.


  • Iroh's sandals bear a close resemblance to Chinese straw sandals.


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