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The iguana parrot,[1] also known as the reptile bird,[2] is a hybridized creature that inhabits the Earth Kingdom. It is a favorite pet of sailors and pirates.[2]


An iguana parrot was a companion of the pirate captain at the seedy merchants pier and often perched on his shoulder. After a brawl started between the pirates, Zuko and his crew, and Team Avatar over possession of a waterbending scroll, the iguana parrot began fighting with Momo. Both animals attempted to steal the scroll for their respective owners, but the winged lemur managed to outsmart the bird by tangling it up in a flag and pinning it to the mast.[3] Later, when Zhao hired the pirates to blow up Zuko's ship in an attempt to kill the prince, it was the pirate captain's iguana parrot that accidentally alerted Zuko to the pirates' presence aboard his ship. The bird flew away to safety before the ship exploded.[4]


Flying iguana parrot

The iguana parrot is capable of flight.

The iguana parrot resembles a cross between a green parrot and an iguana. This creature has feathers and is capable of flight, but also possesses a number of reptilian characteristics as well. It has a parrot-like beak, a feathered tail, and wings ending in claws, and it moves on four limbs when it chooses not to fly. Its feet also seem to lack the reversed toe characteristic of many modern birds, and it has a small dorsal fin on its back.


This flying reptile is temperamental and loyal only to the person on whose shoulder it perches.[2]


The iguana parrot is similar in character to the classic pirate's parrot, showing loyalty only to its owner, though in terms of appearance, it shares traits with proavis.


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