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Iceberg spikes

Northern waterbenders created large iceberg spikes as defense against intruders.

Iceberg spikes are artificial segments of frozen water created by waterbenders as a primary defense against intruders. They are mostly seen scattered around the vicinity of the Northern Water Tribe, in the ocean surrounding the Water Tribe stronghold. Resembling large and jagged icebergs, they are strong enough to rip through metal. Coupled with the vicious currents in iceberg fields, they are able to sink even the largest of ships.[1]

Known uses[]

Northern Water Tribe[]

Water Tribe boat

Northern waterbenders waited to ambush trespassers from behind iceberg spikes.

Iceberg spikes serve primarily as defensive structures to fend off intruders, most specifically Fire Nation ships. Spikes are placed strategically in the waters surrounding the Northern Water Tribe; supplementary spikes can be easily created with waterbending. Iceberg spikes, when coupled with strong ocean currents, can easily sink incoming vessels.

In addition to their defensive purpose, iceberg spikes also serve as ambush points. Water Tribe warriors can dock behind the spikes and raid approaching vessels. The segments are also an advantage for waterbenders who are able to manipulate the spikes from nearby boats, providing them the upper hand in an open sea battle.[2]

During the Siege of the North, waterbenders created an enlarged iceberg spike to immobilize a Fire Nation Navy ship, suspending it above water and ripping through its exterior with relative ease.[3]

Southern Water Tribe[]

Several waterbenders from the Southern Water Tribe utilized iceberg spikes to defend their city during the Southern Water Tribe raids. In one attack, Hama and several other waterbenders immobilized a Fire Nation vessel by quickly creating a large iceberg spike beneath it.[4]

In land battle[]

Sangok defeated

Sangok lost a practice spar after being immobilized in an iceberg spike by Katara.

Renditions of the iceberg spike are incorporated by waterbenders in combat. While under the tutelage of Master Pakku, Katara defeated Sangok by immobilizing him through the use of a waterbending move similar in appearance to iceberg spikes. With ease, Katara redirected Sangok's attack, accumulating the water he produced into a large wave before lifting him up and freezing the water, ending the duel.[3]

Desna and Eska used this technique during their fight with Ming-Hua in an attempt to stop her from freeing P'Li. However, Ming-Hua was able to dodge the ice and, after defeating the twins, created her own spikes to trap them.[5]



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