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Ice cream

Zuko accidentally dropped ice cream on Mai.

Ice cream is a frozen dessert sold in tropical areas of the Fire Nation, such as the beaches on Ember Island. It contains milk and flavoring and is served in a waffle cone to prevent it from dripping.


While they were relaxing on an Ember Island beach, Zuko bought Mai an ice cream cone in an attempt to please her. However, he accidentally dropped it onto her lap, and she sarcastically thanked him, remarking that it was "really refreshing".[1]

Sokka ordered two cartons of ice cream, along with various other snacks, from one food vendor in the Fire Nation.[2]


  • Cherry ice cream is Mai's favorite flavor. The fact that Azula hates it after her "little cherry-pit incident" enhances her partiality for it.[3]
  • Ice cream is not sold in the Fire Nation Capital.[3]


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