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Hybrid pigs are domesticated half-pig animals that form the basis of agriculture in many rural areas of both the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom,[1][2] having served primarily as livestock since the era of Raava.[3]

Known types

There are various types of hybrid pigs raised on Earth Kingdom farms,[4] in Fire Nation villages,[2] and by the Fire Nation military.[5]


The moo-sow[4] is a cross between a cow and a pig. It produces a special and delicious pig milk favored by the people of rural towns and also provides rich meat used for food.[1] Moo-sows are kept in pens by the Fire Nation military and are also used for physical training.[5]


The picken,[4] referred to as the pig chicken in the Fire Nation,[2] is a cross between a pig and a chicken. This creature lays eggs which can be sold by the dozen, and its meat can be cooked in a variety of ways to create a number of different of dishes. The picken has the white feathers, wings, tail, and body of a chicken with the head of a pig; it also has a yellow beak. It is an especially popular type of livestock in the poorer backwater villages of both the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation.[1][2]


The pigster[4] is the male counterpart to the picken, and a cross between a pig and a rooster. These animals are often used to wake up those living in rural areas.[1]

Pig deer

The pig deer[4] is a cross between a pig and a deer. The pig deer exhibits the facial structure of the pig and generally has the same body shape. However, each pig deer has two antlers protruding from its head and fur covering its entire body.[1]

Wooly pig

The wooly pig[4] is a hybrid of a sheep and a pig. This animal is bred for its wool, which can be used to create various types of clothing. Its wool gets particularly muddy, however, because the wooly pig tends to roll around in muck. The wooly pig can also be raised for its meat.[1]


Each of the pig hybrids is a combination of a pig and an additional real world animal. The wooly pig is part sheep, although it also resembles a Mangalitsa, a breed of pig which has a fleece akin to that of a sheep, while the three other hybrids are not related to any real world animal. The moo-sow is part cow, the picken and pigster are both part chicken, and the pig deer is part deer.


  • The picken is one of the few examples of the regional differences within the language of the Avatar World, as it is referred to as a picken in the Earth Kingdom, but called a pig chicken in the Fire Nation.[2]


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