The huntsman was the lead hunter of the city atop a fire lion turtle. He was responsible for journeying into the Spirit Wilds with the power of fire to capture prey and bring back food for the city's populace.


The huntsman led a group of hunters to face a fire lion turtle to receive firebending before venturing into the Spirit Wilds.

The huntsman was rallying volunteers to aid him in a week-long hunting expedition when he was approached by Wan, who offered to join him. He initially laughed off Wan's proposal, but agreed to let him join after some encouragement from a fellow hunter. The huntsman and his team journeyed outside the city to awaken the lion turtle their settlement was built upon. He asked the guardian to bestow upon them the power of fire to aid them in their hunt; after the lion turtle agreed, the huntsman warned Wan to aim his fire with care while hunting. Upon entering the Spirit Wilds, Wan expressed second thoughts about joining the hunt. The huntsman, disgusted by Wan's cowardice, sent him back to the lion turtle to return the fire and continued his expedition without the young man.

When his fellow hunter was possessed by the aye-aye spirit, the huntsman had no choice but to halt his attack on Wan.

Shortly after Wan's banishment from the city, the huntsman encountered the young man again in the Spirit Wilds. Wan proceeded to attack the hunters after refusing to let them kill a cat deer whom they had captured. This prompted the hunters to chase him through the wilds where he used his knowledge of the various creatures and plant life to evade several of them. The huntsman eventually captured Wan and prepared to finish him off when his fellow hunter was possessed and disfigured by the aye-aye spirit. Upon seeing the power of this spirit, the huntsman fled back to the city and informed the other townspeople of Wan's survival and unexpected alliance with the spirits.

Sometime later, the huntsman returned to the Spirit Wilds with a new team of hunters and encountered Wan at the spirit oasis. The huntsman was surprised by the advanced firebending skills Wan demonstrated, claiming it was like nothing he had ever seen. His attacks were quickly repelled by Wan and he fled back into the wilds with the rest of his men.[1]


The huntsman took great pride in his work, believing himself to be one of the few willing to brave the dangers of the Spirit Wilds. He expressed great disdain for Wan after the latter backed out of the hunt, his contempt extending to the point that he desired to never again see the young man's face.[1]


While the huntsman never developed the ability to use fire as an extension of himself, he had considerable experience in using it as a weapon to ward off dangerous spirits.[1]


The Legend of Korra

Book Two: Spirits (神靈)


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