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This article is about the Paper Lantern Gang member. For the ex-slave, see Hua.

Hua was a criminal from Ba Sing Se, and the second-in-command of the Paper Lantern Gang.[1]


Living in Ba Sing Se after the end of the Hundred Year War, Hua served as the second-in-command of the Paper Lantern Gang, but she despised its leader, Cong. Not only was he brutish, crass, and violent, but he was also lazy, leaving all the hard work for her to do.

Hua tried to steal the purse of a wealthy young woman called Rose, but after they bumped into each other on the street, they fell in love. They kept their relationship secret, though planned to elope. Rose helped Hua to undermine Cong's leadership, while they plotted a way to escape the city together.[1]


Hua was quiet and calm in most circumstances, though in tough circumstances she was quick to respond with her firebending skills, and was known through the gang for swift and extreme enforcement.[1]


Hua was a master firebender, and her abilities were considered frightening to many. She was capable of using a "fire pinwheel" to get closer to opponents while shooting fire discs at them, and could also wield "flame knives".[1]


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