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This prisoner is an Earth Kingdom citizen who was sent to the dungeon underneath the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace by Earth Queen Hou-Ting in 167 AG. He remained incarcerated until 171 AG, when he was freed by Zaheer.[1]


This prisoner occupied the cell next to the one Mako and Bolin were thrown into in 171 AG. From that position, he overheard Mako telling Bolin that they needed to escape before Zaheer found Korra. Holding out a mirror in order to be able to look at them, he asked the brothers to take him with them, mentioning that he had not seen his wife and five children in four years. He added that, while the first few months of separation had been great, as he had been able to have a decent night's rest, he came to really miss them. When Mako expressed his confidence in Bolin's ability to metalbend, the prisoner grew excited over the possibility, siding with Mako and following him in his supportive chant for Bolin. After the attempt failed, however, he asked the brothers if they brought some toiler paper with them.

Some time later, the prisoner heard Zaheer announce over Ba Sing Se's communication system that Earth Queen Hou-Ting had been assassinated and that the city was returned leaderless to the people. Overhearing Mako mention to Bolin that they had to get out of there because Zaheer was going to go after Korra next, the prisoner asked if they knew Zaheer, declaring him to be his hero. His excited expression fell, however, upon being told by Mako to shut up. Soon after, his cell door was unlocked by Zaheer and he rapidly made his way out of the dungeon with the other freed prisoners.[1]


The Legend of Korra

Book Three: Change (易)


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