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Hong was a supposedly high-ranking Fire Nation guard posted at the Four Nations Summit & Technological Symposium, though he was in fact a spy from another nation.[1]


Outwardly, Hong was a dutiful, seemingly dim-witted guard for his nation who served at such exotic locales as the Crescent Island Fire Temple on Crescent Island. After Avatar Roku destroyed the temple, he was transferred to the Fire Nation Capital. Secretly, he was a spy tasked with covertly gathering information during important events for his mysterious faction.[2] His rooms at Tako Dormitory adjoined those of Minister Khuchtei, and a makeup kit could be found hidden within his quarters.[3] When a crate of rare and precious meteorite ore went missing from the summit, Hong came to be regarded as a potential suspect by some.[1]


While Hong appeared dim-witted to the casual observer, he was in fact a very capable spy, and was ruthless and directed.[2]


Hong was a very capable spy, and made use of smoke bombs in order to provide a cover for himself to escape when necessary.[2]


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