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Hiryu was a prestigious hunter and skilled waterbender who hailed from a small village in the Northern Water Tribe.[1]


Shortly after Admiral Zhao's siege of the Northern Water Tribe, Hiryu was kidnapped from his village by one of Lian's machines. Master Wei called upon Avatar Aang to help save him and sent him out to find clues that would indicate who or what had caused Hiryu's sudden disappearance. However, after Prince Zuko raided the village, Master Wei informed Aang that Hiryu was likely dead.

However, it turned out that Hiryu was not dead but working with Lian to build the ultimate machine to end the war. This machine was later destroyed by Team Avatar. Seeing the error of his ways, he abandoned the project and left Lian's fortress with Team Avatar.[1]


  • Hiryū is one of the few waterbenders with an East Asian name.