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The High Temple,[1] also known as the Fire Sages Capital Temple,[2] is a sanctuary located in the Fire Nation Capital, directly north of the Fire Nation Royal Palace. It is run by the Fire Sages and holds secret catacombs beneath it, referred to as the Dragonbone Catacombs. Avatars that originate from the Fire Nation travel here upon being informed of their status, as Avatar Roku did.


Despite the Fire Sages being forced under the rule of the Fire Lord, they still had significant religious power, which included ownership of the temple.[3]

Prince Zuko visited the temple to learn about the demise of his great grandfather, Fire Lord Sozin, and how it would help him realize his own destiny. He sneaked into the temple at night and followed a Fire Sage into the Dragonbone Catacombs. While in the chambers, he found and read the final testament of Fire Lord Sozin and, in doing so, learned about the demise of his other great grandfather, Avatar Roku.[4]

Sometime after the end of the Hundred Year War, Shyu was appointed as Great Sage of the High Temple. He administered the grounds and became well acquainted with Fire Lord Zuko, who visited the temple from time to time to admire the view and browse through historical scrolls in the Dragonbone Catacombs.[2]


Architecturally, the temple appears to be similar to the Fire Temple on Crescent Island.[5] It is divided into three sections and surrounded by a small wall. The hidden entrance to the catacombs is located in the center of the temple and can be opened only by using firebending.[4]

Dragonbone Catacombs[]

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Dragonbone Catacombs

The Dragonbone Catacombs are located underneath the temple.

The Dragonbone Catacombs are a series of chambers underneath the High Temple that primarily serve as the burial grounds of all past Fire Lords. They feature numerous dark, twisting hallways that lead to different chambers dedicated to the reigns of past Fire Lords, as well as to different aspects of Fire Nation history. The main hallway is lined with the skulls of dragons and lit on either side by a series of torches, while the rest of the corridors feature elaborate wall murals and remain sparsely lit.[3] These chambers are the only known repository of scrolls pertaining to the Fire Nation, as it details the nation's history prior to the unification of the Fire Islands by the first Fire Lord, the rise of the Sun Warriors, and the legend of the Kemurikage.[2]


  • The High Temple housed priceless artifacts and documents, some of which contradicted the Fire Nation's official propaganda during the Hundred Year War. These were consequently well guarded, with Fire Sage Bai responsible for keeping them locked up during the late rule of Fire Lord Azulon and early reign of Ozai.[6]


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