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This article is about the Fire Sage in Capital City. For the leader of the Fire Sages in the Fire Temple, see Great Sage. For the organization, see Fire Sages.

The High Sage was the highest-ranking member of the Fire Sages residing at the temple in the Fire Nation Capital.


When Prince Zuko was at the High Temple, he watched the High Sage enter the Dragonbone Catacombs by standing in the middle of an intricate symbol embedded in the temple courtyard and firebending into the ground. This triggered the mechanism that opened a hidden door, allowing him to descend into the catacombs.[1]

After Fire Lord Ozai declared himself the Phoenix King and passed on his former title to Azula, the High Sage prepared to crown her when Zuko and Katara interrupted the ceremony. Despite Zuko's declaration that he would be the new Fire Lord, not Azula, the High Sage proceeded with crowning Azula. He halted when Zuko challenged his sister to an Agni Kai for the throne.[2]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire (火)


  • This High Sage is the third known High Sage; the first was the uncle of Lady Huazo, and the second crowned Ozai in 95 AG.[3][4]
  • Both this sage and the sage who crowned Zuko as Fire Lord[5] are credited to Keone Young as "High Sage", despite their different appearances. Additionally, the other sage did not wear the distinct headgear of the High Sages, recognizable by the golden flame insignia on its top.


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