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Hide was a student at a Fire Nation school who often bullied the other pupils. He fancied himself to be On Ji's boyfriend and was highly possessive of her, though she did not show any affection toward him in return.

Hide regularly tried to draw fights with other students, and would easily weasel his way out of trouble. He was a star example of what the Fire Nation school system could produce: a muscular build and a weak mind. He was destined to grow up to become a strict Fire Nation military officer who would be hated by his subordinates.[2]


When Aang, who had adopted the alias Kuzon after his old friend, came to the Fire Nation school, everyone assumed he was a new student from the Fire Nation colonies. After dismissal, Aang met On Ji, who was friendly to him. Hide, seeing "Kuzon" and On Ji together, made sure Aang knew that she was his girlfriend by starting a brief confrontation.

During a band class, Aang got in trouble for dancing, which was not allowed. On Ji, however, was amused by the dance, and Aang offered to show it to her during recess. Hide firebent at Aang as he heard this remark and exclaimed that "nobody [showed his] On Ji anything, especially movements". He subsequently attempted to hit Aang; however, the latter skillfully evaded every attempted blow, eventually causing Hide to lose his balance and fall over, without utilizing any bending and barely even touching him - which got Aang into trouble for "beating up" another student.

Later, Hide informed the Headmaster of a dance party Aang was throwing. Hide, along with the Headmaster and two truant officers, tried to catch Aang, but the Avatar hid within a crowd of his classmates. Aang and his friends ultimately managed to slip away in the opening behind the cave from truant officers, much to his dismay and the headmaster's chagrin.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire (火)


  • Hide was one of the few Fire Nation citizens who did not have the standard black hair and amber eyes.


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