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Henry Rollins is an American musician, actor, and voice actor who provided the voice of Zaheer in The Legend of Korra.

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Rollins was born Henry Lawrence Garfield, the only child of Iris and Paul Garfield. When he was three years old, his parents divorced and he was raised by his mother in Glover Park.

As a child and teenager, Rollins suffered from depression and low self-esteem. In the fourth grade, he was diagnosed with hyperactivity and took Ritalin for several years so that he could focus during school. He attended The Bullis School, at the time an all-male preparatory school in Potomac, Maryland.

According to Rollins, the Bullis School helped him to develop a sense of discipline and a strong work ethic. It was at Bullis that he began writing. In 1987, Rollins said he had not seen his father since he was 18.


Rollins began a music career in 1979 after discovering punk rock, and became the frontman of a band known as The Extorts, who later renamed themselves to State of Alert. After they disbanded in 1981, he became the frontman for Black Flag. However, his style of screaming lyrics resulted in the alienation of the band's fanbase; ultimately, the band broke up in 1986, and Rollins began his own band. In 1991, he and his best friend, Joe Cole, were assaulted by robbers; Cole was shot in the face and killed. In a 1992 Los Angeles Times interview, Rollins revealed he kept a plastic container full of soil soaked with the blood of Joe Cole. "I dug up all the earth where his head fell—he was shot in the face—and I've got all the dirt here, and so Joe Cole's in the house. I say good morning to him every day. I got his phone, too, so I got a direct line to him. So that feels good."

Rollins went on to include Cole's story in his spoken word performances.

Success with this band later led Rollins to television appearances, including a guest role on The Drew Carey Show and appearances in shows such as Jackass and Californication. He also appeared as a guest judge on the sixth episode of the second season of RuPaul's Drag Race.


  • Rollins took his role as Zaheer very seriously from the beginning. Before he had even recorded his audition, he conducted an in-depth phone interview with Mike and Bryan about his character's background and motivations, while he was on a spoken word tour.[1]


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