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"I know Hei Bai! We're close personal friends!"
Aang to Katara.[1]

Hei Bai, also known as the Black and White Spirit, is a forest spirit that normally takes the form of a docile panda bear, and has been protecting an Earth Kingdom forest for thousands of years.[3] He can transform into a large four-armed monster in the Spirit World.


A statue of Hei Bai can be found in the scorched forest.

Hei Bai had been the protector of a forest just outside Senlin Village for thousands of years. After the forest was destroyed, he became enraged and, unaware that it was in fact due to the actions of the Fire Nation, he began targeting the nearby Senlin Village and blaming the occupants. As the winter solstice drew near, Hei Bai transformed into his monstrous form and terrorized the village by abducting one villager each day at sunset.[3]

When Avatar Aang came to the village, he attempted to reason with Hei Bai, but was unsuccessful. He became violent toward Aang, prompting Sokka to help the latter by attacking the angered spirit with his boomerang. However, Hei Bai quickly overpowered and kidnapped Sokka and took him to the Spirit World. Later, in an attempt to calm the angered spirit, Aang showed Hei Bai the acorns that covered the floor of the burnt forest, reassuring the spirit that the forest would grow back. His anger faded and he returned to his normal form, taking the acorn in his mouth and leaving through the village's gate. From that gate sprouted bamboo stalks from which the missing villagers, including Sokka, stumbled out of.[4]

After Aang met with Koh, Hei Bai returned to give him a ride back to the gateway out of the Spirit World. He shot a stream of light from his mouth toward Aang, sending him back to the physical world. In response to a rude comment from a baboon spirit upon Aang's departure, Hei Bei transformed into his monstrous form and blasted the disrespectful monkey, scaring him away, before changing back into a panda.[5]

Months later when Aang was in a coma induced by Princess Azula's lightning, Hei Bai appeared to help him in his quest to heal the Avatar Spirit by visiting his most recent past lives.[6]

When Aang tried to speak with the Painted Lady, not knowing it was Katara in disguise, he mentioned being good friends with Hei Bai.[1]


Hei Bai is very docile and friendly in his panda form. Somewhat vengeful and very protective of his forest, Hei Bai generally keeps to himself and doesn't bother others unless they provoke him first.


When angered, Hei Bei changes into a six-legged, black-and-white monster and destroys everything in his path.

Physical Prowess

Hei Bai becomes a dangerous monster when angered.

Hei Bei is a powerful spirit with amazing strength, capable of decimating a structure with one swing of his arm. He can also move at great speeds, as shown when he was destroying one house and in a streak of light suddenly appeared in front of another building.

Sonic Screams

Hei Bei is able to use devasting sonic screams, the power ranging from a gentle breeze to a blast capable of leveling a building in seconds.

Other skills

Hei Bai is able to spontaneously grow bamboo and carry individuals to and from the Spirit World.


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)

Escape from the Spirit World


  • Hei Bai (黑白) means "black white" in Chinese.
  • Although Hei Bai is a panda, his wooden totem is modeled after a brown bear.
  • His monster form is based on the design of the Angels from the popular anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, of which the creators are fans.[7]


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