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Headhunter was an earthbending competitor in Earth Rumble who wore colorful face paint. He, along with the other competitors, was defeated by Toph Beifong in her fight to rescue the Avatar.


Headhunter was swiftly defeated in his match against The Boulder during Earth Rumble VI, but afterward helped Xin Fu kidnap Aang and Toph, the latter of whom was known to him as "The Blind Bandit". When Toph was freed after her ransom was paid, she battled each of the Earth Rumble fighters, including Headhunter. She easily defeated him by rotating the Earth Kingdom coin engraved in the floor while he was swinging toward her, causing him to crash into The Boulder and The Big Bad Hippo. They were consequently knocked out and thrown out of the ring, landing on their fellow fighters.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)



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