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This article is about the character in the video games. For the character in the series, see Haru.
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Haru is a teenage earthbender who accompanied Team Avatar on many of their early journeys.


Avatar: The Last Airbender video game

PS2 version

Earthbending training camp

Team Avatar encountered Haru when they arrived at an earthbending training camp, which was under attack by machines, the gang helped him and the other earthbenders stop the attack. Afterward, Tyro told Team Avatar that one of their own members, Yuan, had been kidnapped. He told Haru to go to the village on the other side of the island to get a scroll from the elder son, if he wanted, he could receive special training from an earthbender. Haru subsequently joined the team to help find his friend. They found a cave and were attacked by a spirit as a challenge to earn information on the machines. The spirit stated that Haru had "the seed of knowledge". They gained the information and deduced that they needed to go to Omashu.


He and Team Avatar ventured to Omashu, where King Bumi gave them directions to a secret island once they gave him some special paste which they had to search the city to get for him. The Fire Nation attacked the city shortly afterward, causing Haru to separate from the team to help defend the city while they got the paste to the king. Once they reached the king, Haru returned to them. Bumi told them that he had one of his soldiers prepare an escape route for them to flee through. When they reached the exit, they had to defeat Bumi's advisor to get out. Once defeated, the team managed to leave the city relatively unscathed. Moments after Team Avatar's departure, Zuko arrived at Omashu, but failed to catch up and was taken prisoner by a machine.

Four Paws Island

When Haru and the rest of Team Avatar arrived at Four Paws Island, they searched it and the nearby village and found the creator of the machines, Lian. She feared that Aang would not master all four elements before the arrival of Sozin's Comet. After Aang refused to help her, she fled to the Southern Air Temple wishing to destroy the Avatar statues, leaving them to face one of her machines.

The Southern Air Temple

Haru, Katara, and Sokka were left behind as Aang visited the temple on his own where he managed defeat all the machines in the temple. They walked around the village and found out the machines were attacking a construction site nearby and went to destroy the machines. Once they had defeated the machines the three began to investigate the source of a strange sound. While doing so, they were captured by another much more powerful machine.

The Fortress

Haru, Katara, and Sokka were subsequently imprisoned inside a fortress. Aang later arrived and rescued the three. While searching the fortress for Lian, the gang encountered Zuko. Despite their efforts to help him, Zuko attacked the group before being swept away in a waterfall. They later found Lian and Yuan. Haru asked him why he was doing this, to which he responded that he just wanted to end the war. The team subsequently fought the Ultimation.

They managed to defeat the machine, though Haru got hurt and received treatment from Sokka. However, the Ultimation reactivated and attempted to attack Aang. Katara got in the way, causing Aang to enter into the Avatar State; Haru witnessed Aang mercilessly defeat the machine. Haru and Yuan reconciled, and they all left the fortress, flying away on Appa to an unknown destination. During the journey, they tormented Sokka about being unable to bend an element.