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Haru's mother was a nonbending Earth Kingdom woman who lived in a small mining village formerly under Fire Nation control.[2] She owned and ran a small store in the town to support herself and her son, Haru.


After her husband, Tyro, was captured while defending their village from Fire Nation invaders, she became protective of her son and forbade him from earthbending, though he continued to do so in secret.

In late 99 AG, Team Avatar visited her shop upon seeing Haru enter the building, at which point she became aware of her son's hidden earthbending practices much to her concern. Shortly thereafter, the tax collector approached and demanded entrance to her store. Haru's mother frustratedly inquired the reason for the man's presence, as she had already paid her weekly taxes, though she relinquished additional funds when the firebender informed her of the recent tax increase accompanied by a vandalistic threat. Appeased, the tax collector exited her shop as she proceeded to gather the copper coins she had been permitted to keep. Upon Sokka's inquiry, she told Aang and his friends that the village had been occupied by the Fire Nation for five years, and the heavy taxing had left her with little money to support herself and her son. Additionally, Haru's mother explained the importance of Haru's restraint from earthbending, and when Katara pressed the issue, she disclosed her fear that her son would be taken away as well. That night she was left devastated when the Fire Nation troops arrested Haru for earthbending.[1]


Haru's mother


Avatar: The Last Airbender

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