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The Harmony Tower is a tall metal lattice structure that overlooks a large portion of Republic City's northern districts.[1][2]


While on their date, Korra and Bolin were two of the many people who ventured to the top of the tower one night to enjoy its scenery. They had a pleasant time here, with Korra pointing out various sights and attractions from all across Republic City.[1]

Several days later, a police unit was ordered to manage a traffic jam near the tower, but was soon called back to the station. These actions were broadcast on police radios and scanners.[3]

During the Equalists' attack on Republic City, an explosion occurred on the roof of a building near the tower.[4]

During Unalaq's assault on Republic City as the Dark Avatar in 171 AG, he used his power to summon enormous vines that wrapped themselves around the tower.[5]

Layout and description

People on Harmony Tower

Visitors can view Republic City from the tower's observation deck.

The support beams of this metal tower arch upward elegantly, reaching closer to each other. They culminate at a small circular structure on the top which holds an open-air observation deck, the level from which visitors can view the whole cityscape. At two places, between the beams, there are balconies, offering views closer to the ground. At night, the tower is lit up, giving it a golden glow. A red light is perched at the highest point of the tower to alert airships of the structure's location.[1]